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Jakob Møllerhøj July 17th 04 09:38 AM

soundblaster live and onboard soundcard
Hello newsgroup

I have a soundblaster live 1024 soundcard and an onboard ac'97 standard
soundcard on my msi something mainboard. I would very much like both
soundcards to be enabled at the same time in windows xp. My problem is,
that the onboard soundcard disables itself, when the soundblaster live
card is plugged in. Is it possible to prevent the onboard card from
disabling itself and how is this done in the best way? I have a feeling
that the problem has got something to do with irq conflicts. I have
searched other threads for a solution to this problem, and I've come
across similar problems but not really any solutions. I would like both
cards to be enabled at the same time, because I need to use both my
headphones and my stereo which is far away from the computer, without
having to switch anything on the back of my computer. I hope you can
help me. I would very much like to avoid buying any new stuff.


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