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zemariano October 16th 04 11:23 PM

Question about DDR SDRAM and MB Asus A7V8X-X
I have a MB Asus A7V8X-X with 2 x 256MB (1 year old/working) and 1 x
512MB (new).

I found this on the ASUS site:

"Due to the chipset limitation, A7V8X-X supports?4 banks DDR333 max.
It means you may have to use 3 single-bank DDR333 DIMMs or 2
single-bank with?one dual-bank DDR333 DIMMs max. Please contact
with?the memory manufacturer to confirm with?the memory bank Spec. In
addition, please use?DDR333 memory in the QVL section on ASUS web
or?A7V8X-X manual."

With AIDA 32, I see that the 256MB that I have, have 2 rows,4 banks
each and the 512 MB, 1 rows, 4 banks.

Is that mean that I can have trouble with my PC with this
configuration? I have never had problems with the 2 x 256MB. Until
now, I don't see nothing with the 512MB. I think the problems I'm
havii«ng now are software related.

What does that all mean? Should I change MB?

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