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**** Skybuck's Review of Bulletstorm ****

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Old March 7th 11, 11:05 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
Skybuck Flying[_3_]
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Default **** Skybuck's Review of Bulletstorm ****

Yo Peeps,

I just finished this shooter called "Bulletstorm".

I saw it on youtube video and it looked good/beautifull so I decided to play
it, even though it used the unreal engine.

You might be wondering... straight of from the bat: is the game any good ?

The answer is: It sure is !

This is the first game/shooter with the unreal engine 3+ which actually
kicks ass ! =D

It's beautifull... it plays pretty well... it doesn't have any stupid
blooming effects and the gameplay is pretty fricking phenominal.

I especially love the kicking of people/monsters...

There is a lot of kicking going on in this game... so much so you could
simply call it: "kick ass " ! LOL.

It's sweet... and this game has lot's of profenity...

So much dirty words I bet it established a world record for dirties
entertainment product ever ! =D

Amazing ! =D Sometimes it's pretty funny.

The action is great... the weapons are pretty cool.. though I wish I could
carry a few more with me... and it's not completely statisfieing...

I'll have to think about that some more... but it does have nice stuff... it
has flare gun... it has a drilling rocket... it s bouncing balls which don't
really work that well while firing... I liked the quake1 method better but
ok... yeah...

The scenes/surrounds/levels/maps are simply great/phenominal... nothing to
complain there... it's simply perfect except perhaps one level where the
where huge...

The only real issue I have with this game are the "black scenes"... that's
very weird...

I am not yet sure if it's a bug or if it's supposed to be like that...

Sometimes when drinking a bottle the screen goes black... not sure if that's
normal... sometimes it also goes dizzy...

I encountered at least one bug where I could take the machine gun with me to
next level and keep firing.

When doing alt-tab and back again... switching to windows and back the game
starts to lag/stutter/freeze a bit... so it has some issue's there...

Restarting the game fixes it.

It's almost my bed time so I am tired so I will cut it short:

The sounds is ok.
The music is ok.
The graphics are pretty fricking awesome... but nothing new... I guess soon
BF3 will set the new bar or so... but this game is still very nice to

I played all on low except textures on medium and the game still looked
pretty damn good.

The story is kinda fun and intrigueing, I just had to keep on playing... I
simply wanted to know what came next, and next and next and next so that's
good about this game...

Enough different monsters... that's nice...

There was at least one huge boss which was incredibly cool...

The interacting with the other characters leaves to be desired... it wasn't
as good as Quake 4... and for that I have subtract 1 star... otherwise I
might have gotten 5 stars... I think quake 4 still had better character
interaction with the player... so that's where this game falls a bit short.

Some examples: The characters don't really look at you like they should...
and especially their mouths don't open... also sometimes the audio is not
loud enough when they speak even when I am standing next to them... and
sometimes it will be louder so that's a bit inconstent... but the sound
volume is no big issue or so...

Non the less lot's of talking going on so you feel involved with it... but
not as much as quake 4... which also had better squad
interaction/movement/navy seal action.

What's with all the climbing over little obstacles ? It seems like a trick
was used there to activate scripts or so... that was a bit cheesy and a bit
stupid but nothing to major... just a bit silly I guess...

There is no jump button in this game which I found kinda lacking... it's
also not possible to fall down and commit suicide which I find kinda a
shame... would haev been fun if accidently slides of dam happened or so...
but then again could be annoying as well...

Kicking people of tall buildings is great and hearing the scream all the way
down is very funny and nice and lovely too ! =D

The sliding is kinda cool too though I didn't use it that much... double
tapping is a bit too much... a special key would have been nicer me thinks
but ok.

I also learned a new way of playing in call of juarez to enhance gameplay:

Instead of using R for reload... I now use middle mouse button for reload...

This always the left hand fingers to keep control of ASWD and by using the
mouse for reloading this allows movement while reloading... an advanced way
of playing
shooters me thinks ! =D

I might be the first person to actually realize the benefit of assigning the
reload functionality to a mouse button... but then again this world is
big... and I wouldn't be too surprised if someone else already discovered...
however the players I play against in call of juarez probably don't know
this yet... which catches them offguard ! =D Yup in call of juarez every
millisecond counts ! =D

Anyway back to this game... let's see is there anything else I can say about
yes... there is a nice babe in it... she ain't to hot but not bad either...
pretty sweet. Just a normal typical next door kinda girl with nice ass,
titties and not fat =D

She knows how to kick somebodies ass though... in other words a nice beat up
! =D

This game has done absolutely no effort of censoring it or being political
correct... this game is simply straigh up your ass ! =D

And that's the way I like it... in a non-gay way ! LOL =D

No BS... just give me the raw deal ! =D Though this game is a bit over
the top... but that kinda makes it funny ! =D

I absolutely loved the "walking through the water/sewer" sound... I wish
there was more of it...

At some points this game reminded me of other games like:

1. Blood (flare gun) (loved it)
2. Quake 4 (sewer/acid streams/dead skulls/pools of flesh/blood) (bit boring
but still amazing)
3. Quake 1 (granade launcher) (getting old)
4. Sliding (Mirror's edge) (mhoaw)
5. Thunder storms/electricity (left 4 dead hospital construction roof)
(still cool)
6. Gasses from plants and coughing (left 4 dead smoker explosion)

This game bulletstorm had some new cool features:

1. Kicking the **** out of people. (Though mirror's edge had it a bit too
but now as cool as this game... with people flieing all the way back and
slow motion ! =D)

2. Sniper bullits which can be controlled in the air... that was pretty cool
how it zoom in on it and the sound that it makes... but at the same time
it's a bit weird how much the bullits can turn

Nice scenes:

1. Beautifull waterdam

2. Huge crashed spaceship.

3. Many others which I shall not name. (I liked the sentient plants/bushes
which were mixed in with the cities a lot)
(Lot's of stairs perhaps a bit much but then again it makes it feel like a
real 3D experience ! =D and makes stuff look beautifull ! =D)

So far I have only played single player which was a blast pretty much...

Maybe I give multiplayer a try to see if it works but I will probably not
work... I am not so much interested in multiplayer shooters at the moment...
especially fantasy is not really my big thing... I do like call of juarez
which I play now and then but perhaps I stop with that too...
I am more into 1-life-and-few-bullits-like-shooters and not the typical
unlimited lives crap and ofcourse skilled players but my taste might
change again over time... maybe BF3 or so... I don't know...

For true shooter fans Bulletstorm is simply a "MOST PLAY" shooter ! YEAH

It surely gives ID software a run for it's money on the shooter front and
any other shooter makers for that matter.

After the credits is over there was another black screen with text and
voices... perhaps hinting at a sequel...

I like that kind of "end credits extra's" ! =D even if it's just a little
bit so that made me really happy ! =D

The struggle of one of the charaters with a computer chip in it's brain was
kinda interesting... and the voice and red eye was also kinda interesting...

I was worried that it would become a bit predictable though as the traitor
fortunately that didn't happen... I am also glad the character is now dead
at the end of the game... because I think overall it was still a weak
character... the girl however was nice and strong... the main character was
pretty cool
as well.. probably the voice of starcraft 2.

I didn't like the electric rope or whatever it's called that you fling at
people that's just a bit weird... but then again I don't mind so much... it
was handy at times so it can stay in the game... like collecting weapons
that fall between hard to reach spots or so

The only other thing which I thought was weird is:
man-eating-plants-which-drop-a-weapon-when-they-are-killed ! =D
That's probably a little sloppy mistake there but ok

Ok so now I am on a stretch what else to write about but there is probably
enough in the game... but those just details details details and levels and
levels and maps and stuff for that you'll have to play it yourself...

Though one thing comes to mind... the purple force fields those had a pretty
cool sound to them when powering down and up again ! =D

Ok I hate to do this because I would like to write more about it... but all
good things must come to an end:

This game is simply good, and therefore I say to you and the world:


We can probably expect a sequel... which will probably sell well if it's
done well... because many people just getting acquinted with this game...

Some people might be scared of a first version... so they might pirate this
first game to see if they like it... but might pre-order a sequel if they
did like it ! =D And there sure is a lot to like about Bulletstorm !

Oh yeah the game also had some special things like:

Climbing ropes and stuff.... and flieing strange open heli's... and shooting
at huge monster-dino...

I think vehicles would suit a sequel well... all kinds of vehicles...

The name "Bulletstorm" is weird though... it sounds more like a racing game
to me for some reason ?! Probably another game is already called
"motorstorm" or something... so that is a bit confusing/weird/incorrect
associative" I think this game might actually suffer from that...

People will be like me: "Huh ? huh ? Bulletstorm ? What the hell is that ?"

It's an unfortunate name... I would not have chosen or approved it to
prevent confusing with racing games like "motorstorm" or whatever...

Yup I just googled it... motorstorm is definetly a racing game... so this is

None the less hopefully people can keep the two games apart from each other
! =D

But that's why I also think that this game should have cards in it and stuff
! =D Which will make it feel more logical ! =D


Old March 9th 11, 03:13 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
external usenet poster
Posts: 13
Default **** Skybuck's Review of Bulletstorm ****

It's sweet... and this game has lot's of profenity...

So much dirty words I bet it established a world record for dirties
entertainment product ever ! =D

Exactly why I will not be purchasing it. Unfortunately, it's for kids
like you.

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