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World of Warships, Ranked Season 16 Map Position Advise.

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Old June 11th 20, 01:36 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships, Ranked Season 16 Map Position Advise.


In this video, I, Skybuck, give you advise where to position your ships/destroyer, cruiser, battleship.

I make this video for less skilled/experienced players so they can have fun too and hopefully do a bit better:


All maps are discussed in the video above, video is uploading now.

I am now at rank 5. I played with lazo and skane exclusively, maybe I play a****aka battleship which I got for free today, to try out for 2 days.

Best advise I can give you:

1. It's pretty important to cover both flanks, left flank and right flank.

The number of ships is not that important, it is important for spotting and trying to push back ships a bit, at least 1 cruiser or 1 battleship should be at each flank... moving back is allowed, giving up flanks to fast can lead to disaster and can prevent cruisers from hiding behind islands and shooting over islands, this is why covering flanks is very important but not at all cost.

The only exception to this rule is the map trident. Here center/B and left flank/C are enough to defend.

2. Battleship commanders need to focus on keeping their ship alive as long as possible so that destroyers and especially cruisers can burn down and flood down ships. Dieing too fast shortens the game and takes away possibilities for destroyers/cruisers to do significant ammounts of damage, this sucks when battleships do this and die too fast.

Give you destroyers/cruisers time to fight, you can push in later with full health battleships.

3. Cruisers and battleships should stay clear of islands roughly 2 to 5 km so they always have fire power available. This will also keep these ships more safe from getting torped by destroyers.

4. In general do not push into the B flag, this is usually a death trap.

5. Destroyers need to stay away from belfast and atlantas and indianpolis like the plague, except when it's end of match and they must die for victory, torping them can lead to unexpected deaths for them.

6. Battleships should not chase atlanta's or other cruisers with torpedoes around islands, this will get BB killed. Instead be patient and defend flags.

7. Usually it's a bad idea to keep fighting or pushing beyond an already captured flag, try and focus and move towards non-captured flags.
Defending already captured flags is usually possible from range. If enemy DD go there BB's and Cruisers may be ill-equiped to stop the capture anyway.... might be better to sail away and wait for backup of better equiped ships like radar ships or cruisers.

The following ships should be avoided and not played at all cost:

1. Myoko this is a terrible ship, has very limited range, is easily destroyed. Anybody playing this in ranked is out of it's ****ing mind =D Especially Lazo's will easily kill myoko's.

2. Maybe avoid duke of york... it's probably overmatched by sinops, not sure though, duke might be nice to push into flags early thx to hydro... but only on specific maps where there is lots of island cover. Still can't really recommend this better to let cruisers do that.

3. Algeria and boise... probably not that great... helena also not that great but ok.

Best ships so far:

1. Fij because of smoke / hydro perhaps torps too.
2. Belfast smoke radar hydro
3. Atlanta smoke radar fire power and torps.
4. Flint smoke fire power.
5. Scharnhorst speed for pushing into flags and giving enemy run for it's money. Also torping ships.
6. Sinop close range frontal fire power and sometimes ramming/citadelling of bb's.
7. Gneisenau same as scharnhorst.
8. Nelson massive healing, should be good fire starter or rammer.
9. Lyon has probably good HE fire power.
10. Jervis, agile, fast, powerfull
11. Mahan, fire power, though a bit slow.
12. Shiratsue, massive torpedo power vs battleships. Also has good HE shell damage for small/quick skirmish with dd.

Good luck and have fun ! =D

Old June 11th 20, 11:44 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships, Ranked Season 16 Map Position Advise.

I have created one more video explaining what to do best do giving certain team setups:


Basically there are three variations:

A. 3 Battleships + 2 Cruisers + 2 Destroyers (Very common)

Split the fleet and cover left and right flank.

Weaker fleet tries to hold and delay enemy advancement.

Stronger fleet tries to take both flags on it's side and assist weaker fleet.

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