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World of Warships Advise for Ranked

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Old August 14th 19, 12:52 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships Advise for Ranked


This is an emergency broadcast ! =D

To many bad and dumb players in ranked season 13th of World of Warships, though after 2 days the dumb **** went down a bit but not by much.

Let's first discuss some mistakes players make:

1. DD sailing into cap flag, get radared, die.

2. Cruisers sailing into battleships, get over-matched, citadelled, turrets shot, dead.

3. Battleships literally getting too close to the fire, constantly eating fire/torps from dds/sailing into dds and battleships and cruisers, there long range guns are completedly wasted on them.

This definetly top 3 of mistakes.

Let's discuss destroyer rolls/type/classes:

1. Tashkent, long range recon boat, has fast torpedo reload can torp bb's trying to sail into flags. Only really strong as spotter if good team that knows how to hide. Must noobs don't know how to use islands as concealment and to shoot over them, so unfortunately this boat performs weak on weak teams.

2. Z-4, nice smoke/hydro... can haress bb's to lure out dd's to defend them, then smoke up and hydro and wake those dds as they come into hydro.

Side note: send 1 wave of torps, wait 33 secs or so and then send 2 wave to get nice sticky flooding.

3. Benham, very weak boat, turns a lot might be risk to team sometimes, spams a lot of torpedoes but are usually too slow to hit anything, big long lasting smoke screens though. Tiny little boat, hard to find, hard to spot. I don't have it though, weak in gun fights, avoid this boat, it's a liability as far as I am concerned.

4. Fletcher, weakest destroyer of all T9, absolutely avoid like the plague.... it has nothing going for it, except smoke, which is almost useless now because concealment ranges in smoke changed. At open sea at some maps it can be good like any dd, but on other maps this boat is just horrible. No burn power like others, completely retarded boat. Only thing which it might be good at is dancing/avoiding torps/shells and maybe taking a lot of potential damage to distract enemy fire, who the **** plays it like this ?! the risk is just too huge.

5. Yugumo, extremely powerfull DD assign thanks to it's superior concealment and hard hitting HE shells, can take out any hurt DD, great support DD for taking out DDs together with other DDs, also is nice torp ship vs slow moving BBs, sometimes even fast BB's sailing into it. It's an underestimate DD, thus it's deception level is very high.

6. Udaloi, extremely powerfull destroyer for extreme action and close range combat, it's basically a shimakaze on steroids, the udaloi has 15 extremely deadly torpedoes and can launch left side and right side so it's basically always capable of torping anything that pops up on it's side, it's speed is high/fantastic and it's rudder shift is very fast too with possibly the upgrade for it. Extremely dead vs battleships that get too close to it's 6 KM torpedoes.
As well as destroyer trying to hit it with torps as it gunboats them to death and close range and rotates it's ship.

7. Kitakaze, very weak attack boat, the number of kitakaze players that I have seen that eat torps is off the charts. This boat should probably be played defensively mostly, otherwise it will quickly get torpedoe to death. It's HE shell damage it's the lowest of all, making it a very weak performer in short gun fights as DD's disappear from it's visual. The HE spam sometimes might even make it hard to see where it's actually aiming or hitting. Anything past 6 km's or so becomes much harder to hit for this boat, if the enemy ship wiggles rotates and so forth. To many noobs think it's high rate of fire is good while in reality it's not that good, if subsequently being too much visable or in smoke in front of enemy DD and bam dead, torp come. Very unimpressed with must kitekaze players, definetly one of the hardest DD's to play effectively. After fletcher this is bottom lost destroyer. The kitakaze's torpedoes are extremely deadly though. Unfortunately reload time is huge and worst of all.

8. Chung MU, basically an akward fletcher boat, but does perform better vs DD's thanks to it's deep water torpedoes. Radar isn't very usefull since it will be out radared by most cruisers. The smoke screen is questionaly vs radar cruisers and such, which is very meta heavy right now on radar cruiser.. Long range and at open sea it can perform very well vs Battleships. The occasionally unlucky cruiser may also be bit. Not an easy destroyer to play. Does have quite some gunboat fire power, but shell velocity is low just like fletcher and will struggle somewhat to combat DD's effectively, though sometimes it may surprise a lower/weaker health DD.

9. Jutland, after yugumo this is bascically king of the destroyers. It's speed is super low/lowest of all destroyers. However enemy destroyer unlikely enough to encounter it/get hit by it in it's flank will quickly feel the 100mm ap shell pain that can penetrate destroyers almost from any angle. Best is to avoid this destroyer at all cost and let cruisers/battleships handle it or gang up on it late game. It's hydro is weak, only 3 km, not very impressive, it can set a lot of smoke screen, do not chase jutlands... their smoke screens are never ending and will lure you into death/cruisers/battleships or their own hydro/or enemy radar.

10. Black, can't hit **** when ships wiggle their ass, it has the worst dispersion... it's radar isn't that impressive if destroyers keep out of range 7.5... It's torpedoes are hugely impressive and possibly the best I have seen so far. It's slow speed don't matter ****. It's the torpedoes concealment which can be so deadly as ****. Though I have not played the black myself. The torpedoes of this boat scare the **** out of me. And thus I will ALWAYS stay away from blacks... 10km, 12km, 15km, 20km the more the better. At least in destroyers.
Once they run out of radar/smoke and possibly a failed torp launch only then does it make sense to take these on. These should definetly be attacked last... and kited during early/mid game at best... never engaged at any close range.
I have seen blacks take down BBs like it was nothing. My tashkent when afk/late in game also surprised as hell by these torps, but sometime also other DDs.

11. Have not seen any frieslands. Still in beta ?

12. Have seen mogadors.. these are noob players/lucky players that got the ship, these ****ers don't realise what an awesome DD destroyer it is... these ****ers go a-wall, push away battleships with their firepower... preventing the heavy friendly dd meta from torping enemy ships properly... basically complete morons at the moment. Total team liability.

13. Neustrashimy complete horse ****, have almost not been destroyed by these ships... Only one time was I destroyed by this ship basically by my own choosing just to get a taste of this. If you like playing this ship, then you must like eating horse **** for breakfast... cause o-boy is this a useless ship. At least vs destroyers it's completely horse ****... don't really know vs battleships.. probably also somewhat weak, though sometimes did ok, disrecommend this boat for now.

I think this sums up the destroyers nicey. Not going to give you any specific information about their capabilities or exact fire power, though this above gives some impression of their strengths and weaknesses.

Let's talk about some other ships:

The one I hate most right now is ofcourse:


1. Alaska this ship has absolutely no decent firepower what's so ever. It's basically a tanky/useless cruiser that tries to dominate the scene with radar.
An seatle can easily burn this mother****er down as long as seatle angles against this ship so the Alaska can't citadell it well. With a little bit of fire power help of others this Alaska will fail.

2. Seatle already mentioned it, has the most fire power of all cruiser, has the lowest health of all cruisers, hence you can see where this is going. Seatles rock behind rock =D/cover... should always disengage from fights if spotted and sail away to stay alive. Letting this boat die would be a major mistake for the player playing it, since the fire power is overwelming, should definetly be played with IFHE and demolition expert.

3. Kronstadt... Very annyoing cruiser vs dd's. It's radar 12 KM is overpowered... this cruiser can be sunk by suiciding tashkent or any other DD willing to sacrifice it's life... though team noobs will undoubtly be unable to benefit from even this. DD's must avoid these kron's like the plague... and somehow BB's and/or cruiser should take care of these or lure them out in the open where very maybe they can be torped.

4. Saint louis or whatever the **** it's name is... Rare boat... has little going for it except it's a nice suiciding cruiser that launches it's torpedoes at battleships.

5. Roon, as far as I know a sniper cruiser, mostly unimpressed by these players.

6. Ibuki by far worst cruiser in the game at this tier, they accomplish nothing and hang in the back a lot... Theoretically it has the best torpedoes in the game.... 16 of em... but with heavy destroyer meta both friendly and enemy and radar... rotating this boat is probably a one way trip to bottom of ocean... trying to launch torpedoes at anything is apperently to risky for these players... cause of friendly dd meta... basically this boat sucks as far as I can tell, avoid playing it like plague.

7. Azuma... same crap as alaska I think. Anybody playing Alaska should basically be shot and hang off a tree

8. Buffalo complete total horse ****.. torped these ****ers many times... also shelled them to death with Seatle... why play Buffalo if you can play a seattle with 50% more fire power. Just a dumb **** this Buffalo... complete waste of slot space

9. Neptune... somewhat viable in certain cases... struggles to get good damage output... however sneaking up with radar might be viable... radar is very important to get early read on were enemy is going on some maps... punching radar through islands to get a fast read... this ship can also surprise the **** out of dd's since most dd's hope it's a smoke cruiser... if radar... the heart attack might happen and could be real ! =D

10. Have not seen siegfried.

Alsace Good secondaries, fast boat.
Friedrich der Gro├če Nice hydro should be able to take care of it's own vs dds/torps.
Georgia Extremely fast, saw many suicide.
Iowa Seems a difficult ship to kill, probably because of healing
Izumo Rare ship, not being played a lot.
Jean Bart Reload booster is apperently powerfull.. seen many jb's win vs musashi's surprisingly enough, it's low health is apperently deceptive.
Lion Burn boat does not impress much.
Missouri Dangerous radar ship vs DDs... too few know how to use it well vs DD.
Musashi I hate this ****ing thing... way too much health.... too much healing... it's very slow though... could be torped... though last time I tried player had some awesome awsd skills and possible target aquistion system and vigiliance or so... when moving around with that setup becomes hard to torp I think.
Sovetsky Soyuz can pack quite a punch into sides of enemy ships it seems. It should have a burn weakness though which I forgot about... after a while it runs out of repairs ! LOL.

Problem with this 13th season of ranked is too much suicidal people...

With only 6 players in team, this will quikly seal the faith of the other 5 players. This is happening too much... so much that this has basically turned ranked into completely junk.

WG will have to solve this somehow.


1. First one to die looses 7 stars, next one 6 and so forth if game is lost..


2. Perma death... for a while.... if ship is lost can't play it for another 24 hours or so....

Surviving in this game is not that hard... most just completely suck at it.... or don't care...

See too many players throw away their ships constantly.... it's super annoying and making me want to stop playing this game forever.

WG has to realize that some of these players might be hired by competitors to ruin their game... if have seen so bad ****... that sometimes it makes me wonder if this is actually true.

WG is too douche bag at the moment... they are being to nice to their ****ty player base when it comes to throwing away ships.

It's starting to bother me quite a lot and this.... just this alone... might make me want to play another game in future.... where idiots and assholes can't ****ing respawn like they ****ing call of duty against 13 years old in 15:00 out of school aimbot crap =D LOL.

Bye for now,
Old August 14th 19, 12:57 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships Advise for Ranked

Ment to write: yugumo extremely powerfull assissin.

Ah so many typos in that text... but this one takes the cake.
Old August 14th 19, 12:58 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships Advise for Ranked

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 1:57:40 PM UTC+2, wrote:
Ment to write: yugumo extremely powerfull assissin.

Ah so many typos in that text... but this one takes the cake.

Typo corrected:

Chung MU, basically an akward fletcher boat, but does perform better vs BB's thanks to it's deep water torpedoes
Old August 14th 19, 01:35 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships Advise for Ranked

Now with the **** out of the way, let's get serious and discuss tactics that work or are absolutely necessary to have any chance in hell of winning.

Going to discuss these tactics per map:

1. Crash Zone Alpha (the new map)

Absolutely easiest to play with destroyers. Battleships are advised to hang back and only defend flags when absolutely necessary. Destroyers are advised to cap flags and then sail away and back into the center/open of the map and flank enemy battleships with torpedoes, sometimes maybe even firepower/fire, but mostly staying concealed is recommmend to avoid being chased by enemy destroyer and cruisers. This will let your DD's destroy battleships easiest.

Destroyers need to move into enemy battleship flanks or front and start torping them... more than fighting destroyers. Sometimes in epicenter maps as well I will get to that in a moment.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that destroyers try and do damage VS enemy battleships.. Otherwise teammate battleship will feel depressed/along for a daunting task apperently and they start doing the stupidest ****... like suiciding... getting too close in disperation of doing some damage i guess... getting too close eating fire/torps... trying to ram.. .all kinds of stupid ****... THEY LOOSE HOPE... GIVE THEM HOPE.... let them see that you are trying to get to enemy BB positions and are trying to torp them... this will make BB's play better.

Don't worry too much about BB's vs DD's... BB's have lot's of health... know how to park themselfes so they won't be flanked too much and can eat a torp or two... worry about your DD getting hit by torps or fire/radar much more important on this map and in general. If you can't win this map in a DD then you almost won't win any ones... though it needs a bit of practice though.

Battleships are absolutely advised to stay alife at all cost to surpress and/or destroyer pesky cruisers... like alaska's to keep their radar away from DD's so DD's can roam around... Whenever enemy leaves flag unprotected go their in DD and cap it... cruiser or bb if necessary but best to defend already taken flags in cruiser or bb, though a fast cruiser might reach... though risky.

2. Sleeping Giant.

ABSOLUTELY required to go A/B.... never C.... it simply takes too long. B is closer. However wins B usually wins this map. Anything else simply doesn't work.

Whoever can defend their base flag A and cap B or then push from B to C will win. Split is ABSOLUTELY required on this map. Dumbass/brute force push into C will rarely work... and creates a split problem anyway of huge proportions... since the distance between a and c is HUGE. Almost impossible to hold both well.

While defending B can be done by a single ship ! LOL.

Highly recommended to send RADAR cruiser to B straight against the island and then RADAR it... to immediately see what kind of force is moving into B.

BATTLESHIPS are advised to stay hidden at all cost when sailing towards B, they should sail around B from quite a large distance so they are not spotted from center.

One ship should stay behind at center MAYBE if you feel like it to safe guard defenders at A otherwise they might get flanked from center.

BATTLESHIPS have a very real oppertunity to SURPRISE cruisers that go to B.... since their radar is TOO SHORT to scan beyond the island at B.

THUS battleships must make absolutely sure that they remain undetected while sailing towards the BACKDOOR of B.

Many noobs don't understand the importance of this. However it's hugely effective once the BB arrives in the backdoor and can EASILY devastate any cruiser at roughly 10 km to 6 KM range... by shooting their turrets or citadell. mostly turrets work well.. under it or so.

Sail into these cruisers and attack at the very last moment. Escorted by cruiser to lure these cruisers in is even better.

Do disenage with BB if enemy BB there too... this is great oppertunity for DD to torp it first.



Try wonder to yourself: How can I play this smart ? When playing DD.

Pro tip for BBs when facing DD's only:

Stay at approx 5 km away form island. When enemy DD does come around corner of island it's now your advantage. DD will always be spotted form this range.

YET IT IS FAR enough to dodge torps later AFTER you perform a devastating strike on it or at least try... does allow to do ton of damage against DDs.

Sailing closer than 5 KM to island should only be done if BB is absolutely sure that no DD is there or that DD is facing nose to BB... however DD can turn very quickly and therefore might be deceptive.

Most BBs die because they get too close to islands. Sailing 2 KM near island while enemy DD locations are unknown is pretty stupid and suicidal. Though sometimes can avoid kitakaze fire and such. (This could be interesting DD tactic though... one force BB close to island other one torp it... just a thought... never really tried this.)

3. Trident... highly recommend DDs to seak the flanks and go around and try and torpedo battleships in the BACK of the map.

Highly recommmend cruisers to seak shelter behind island in the FLANK... never in the center of the map unless one needs to surpress.

If you play CRUISER then CRUISE around... do not sit behind island entire game and be useless... you'll never get out of there since DDs will keep torping it endlessly, same applies to DD.

Especially when you playing Seattle, it's very power is so huge USE IT.

Cruising around surpresses DD's from flanking your fleet.. and seattle is capable of surprising DD's with it's low concealment especially when friendly DD is in front of it.

Leave the center for the fools. Work from the outside, into the inside and focus on destruction of ships. Very rarely is this map won by points alone. The epicenter is simply too small and leads to mass destruction.

4. Northern Lights as a DD player I kinda hate this map. It has very big islands... and is very hard to torp anything on this map.

The spawn position of battleships is horrible. They take forever to get anywhere and risk huge damage if they do cause of citadells.

Perhaps sailing in the back might be a way to get to a better place.

I can understand why so many BB's suicide on this map at C/center flag...

Basically this map is a crap shoot. I have no real advise here for you. Except perhaps wait for information to come in and shoot long range well.

I guess whoever is best at shooting long range will win.

Also cruisers should absolutely mount Fire Control mod to extend their range.

The further your cruiser is the less powerfull enemy shells will be because of flight time/drag and reduced speed/penetration power... while cruiser can burn down battleships.

5. Lastly shards. This map is basically dominated by cruisers with radar near B.

Sometimes A or C too. Destroyers will have to wait their chance to take out DD's that wonder off too far.

Staying away from B and out in the open at open sea... seems to work best for DD's.

Battleships suicide a lot on this map which kinda sucks... especially near B.
Old August 28th 19, 08:37 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default World of Warships Advise for Ranked

I have reached rank 1 of ranked season 13.

And now I feel like I am in a position to advise other people =D :P

Especially when it comes to destroyer play.

I have already produced some videos how to play destroyer in ranked.

And I shall produce even some more videos:

Here is the first batch of videos with some tips and tactics:

For now I use my camera, however over time if there is interest I will try and improve the quality especially when I buy a new computer =D

Here is a link to the play list:


It contains 9 videos:

1. The first video shows me almost reaching rank 1, one star away, the "pre-fun" =D

2. The next 6 videos shows me giving some tips/tactics and there is also some feedback for wargaming how to improve their game further.

3. The last 2 videos are shout outs to other players/people I saw playing this game ! =D HI THERE ! =D

(Use the video links on the right side in the playlist to progress through the video parts !)



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