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Men of War: Assault Squad.

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Old April 3rd 15, 10:14 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

This game has my/Skybuck's approval ! =D

I started playing since a few days... now I wish I kinda played much
sooner/years earlier !

This game is a must play for WW2 strategy funs.

And thus NO RATING =D

This game is waaaayyy too good... it doesn't need a rating lol.

There are some minor issues... like control issues and such (maybe me used
to coh).. but none the less it's an amazing game.

Before I leave you with all that awesomeness..

Here is a tutorial how to install it, html version:


(early hint: must start patch process with because of missing files
in later patch )

I shall copy & paste it here too, text version:

Tutorial how to install and play:

Men of War: Assault Squad

(on Tunngle!)

Download following softwa

The game:

1. Men of War: Assault Squad 1.81.1 (skidrow torrent)

The patches (some are in gamershell.com and others elsewhere google it):

1. mow-as-update-setup-en-

2. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.13-full.zip ( misses a few files that's why
2.0.11 is needed)

3. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.14-small.exe.zip

4. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.15-small.zip

The crack:


How to install:

1. Install game

2. Install patch 2.0.11

3. Install patch 2.05.13

4. Install patch 2.05.14

5. Install Patch 2.05.15

6. Install Crack for 2.05.15

Done go on tunngle into men of war assual squad lobby

Run game

Go to multiplayer

Enable game exe in windows 7firewall, not required but do it anyway just in

Have fun dears ! =D

For now
Skybuck. (hmm game design newsgroup not yet in list oh well.. algo will
have to do for now =D)

Old April 7th 15, 01:21 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

Unfortunately this game has major control issues.

It mixes left clicks and right clicks which makes the game super confusing
to play.

Add years of company of heroes experience which seems to do everything
opposite and the recipe for battlefield fail is right around the corner.

I can never figure out how to throw a nade in this game.. is it left click ?
right click ?

There are also multiple clicks needed for certain actions... and usually a
mixture of left click vs right click... the menu is super tiny..

Multiple important actions are hiding behind a secondary menu... which also
takes valuable time.

Worst of all is no graphical user interface to re-assign left/right mouse

I hope there is a configuration file which might change some left vs right
control issues....

Also number of units higher... too little possiblity to assign control key
numbers and such...

Add some lag to the whole situation... and it becomes apperent how all these
control issues create one gigant confusion...

Did it or did it not successfully receive the game ?

I got cramp in my fingers right now from trying out all the weird micro
management commands...

Somehow all these issues will need to be fixed before this can be a great

Hitting 1 again focuses the map on the unit... which is not good.

Double key press 1 should do that...

Otherwise when you don't know if unit 1 has already been selected... I am
used to pressing 1 just in case anyway... and only then issue move
but now... if you press 1 again in this game it will focus on the unit and
then you will loose focus of the map/area where you actually wanted to

These are all control issues... some are very fragile like they ones
described above... others are inconsistent...

Company of heroes has way better control then this game... and that makes
coh easier to play...

Also it zooms in more... perhaps auto zoom in on infantry might be handy for
men of war... to be able to see better what the situation is.

I do like the far firing of tanks and artillery in this game... and the
brutalness of mgs and infantry fights and such... but playing this game is a
major struggle control wise.

Mostly unnecesarily so... so I do hope the developers take not... and think
long and hard about their controls.... play lots of company of heroes and
try to implement similar controls.

I feel like company of heroes plays 10x times faster then this game... and
it's mostly the controls which are lacking.

Reloading tanks with ammunition if for example another weird situation in
this game... have to use strange eye icon... and last game it didn't work
too well... truck was damaged and didnt react... perhaps better to use
soldiers... to transport items perhaps if possible...

Also firing artillery didn't work they way I wanted... didn't know how to
fire it... left click ? right click ? nothing seemed to work... this is
basically also because artilley in this case rocket tank of germans might
need to aim a little bit... but somehow I ended up decrewing this car... and
later on the reload failed... the artillry fire failed... it was reloaded so
that wasn't the problem... alll this time spent on fails... might have cost
me the game... it was a combat game 2 v 1... we still lost... my teammate
had lots of losses... i just build a nice base with tank traps, mines all
kinds of em...

it s also hard to see if it's anti personal mines... or anti tank mines...
there is only a flag in the ground nothing else... I will try to learn to
play this game better... but it is going to be very hard...

The constant "line of sight" issues with this game... is kinda of hurting my
hands right now... having to turn soldiers all the time... just to get a
good line of sight... it's fun on other hand but **** on the other...

I wish I could order my soldiers to look around more... instead of always
watching one direction... watching one direction is unrealistic... I never
do that when I play shooters... nor should any real world soldier do that...
these soldiers should look around much more... this is slightly frustrating
and literally painfull in this game.... this is too much micro... soldiers
should look around automatically...
perhaps based on skill level.

Then there are some missing graphics when building lines of mines, wire and
other stuff...

Inventory screen covers the mini map fortunately it can be replaced....

Objectives are very tiny on the ground.

What's really annoying is valuable items disappear from field after
de-crewed... for example a mortar simply disappears...

I would advice the game developers to increase the "disappear time" to
higher the value the item is...

So the game has plenty of irks... and just very weird controls...

Also sometimes tanks don't seem to shoot.

Already have seen a few exploits... where tanks are ordered to "force fire"
at ground... without them having sight range... that kinda sucks...

So must high artillery pieces behind objects/buildings... because they show
up on the minimap when they are fired.

However... the radio operator which can spam artillery strikes... does not
show up... what's worse is his flare gun can probably be picked up by

Radio operator does not show on map and apperently has large action range.

Reloading guns is also somewhat confusing... which ammo belongs to which
gun... but I guess that's something I will have to learn which could be a
fun part.... could still be some indicator though... like darkening non
usuable ammo or so...

Picking up items is kinda funny... dropping them is hard... it requires an
additional click to specify where to drop the item ? why does it just drop
immediatly ? kinda akward...

Using dynamite is kinda akward.. the soldier keeps standing on the primed
dynamite... if it doesnt run away by you clicking it will die...

Throwing dynamite I still haven't figured out how to do thaat... except from
direct control... which would suck.... there must be a way to throw it...

direct control is even more confusing... with weird arcs... weird colors...
weird circle icons... totally strange... guess needs more getting used to...

A first person might would be awesome in this game though... it would
probably indicate problems with the ai in this game.

Fun thing is if you get to close to enemies they will eventually "hear" you
and still turn and shoot you so it's not all to bad.

None the less even with all these issues it remains a brutal and interesting
game to play.

Now after this posting I am going to see if there is a configuration file
which can be changed.

The left/right click confusion is totally fokking annoying and ruining some
of the fun.


Old April 7th 15, 01:28 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

This game also needs a major help file/website.

Not being able to find important or help about it is also enormously


Old April 7th 15, 01:36 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

I am going to analyze this some more by actually playing it and then
describing what I see as problem.

Right now... right clicking behaves like it should... it's moving the

Click clicking is a problem... it can be used to give attack order but also
a weird move order which is weird...

Main problem is... it losses focus of the soldier when left clicking on
anything else... which is bad.

Don't loose focus ?!

I am not sure how coh does it I may analyze that in moment...

This game does have "revert mouse button" option... but I don't think that
will solve anything.

I think COH actuall also uses right click to attack... not sure though I

Just the mere fact that this game uses (men of war) right click to move...
and left click to attack is infuriating when you think about it...

Highly confusing... not necessary.

Simply use right click for everything.

I think company of heroes uses a left click to move + attack as well..

So it's either right click=move only...

or left click = move + attack.

This game forgets to move... when left clicking ... so that's one source of
the annoyance.


Old April 7th 15, 01:40 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

Alt-tab is behaving weirdly... every since I removed some patches and also
removed IE9 and IE11 to remove the evil update...

Company of heroes goes to window mode instead of alt-tabbing.

This game men of war takes a long time... and the window seems to go back
and forth back and forth..

Anyway there is an attack mode similiar to coh...

(forget the comment I made about do everything with right)...

The thing is with this game:

1. Don't loose focus.

2. Use Attack mode (F6) and bind it to the left mouse button.

These two control improvements would solve some issues.

3. Use escape to loose focus, instead of going to the menu.


Old April 7th 15, 01:58 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

The main problem with the current setup in mow is this:

Take the calliope or soldier for example both behave the same way:

I can either:

1. Right click to give a move order.


2. A left click to give some weird "attack order" or "it could be a move
order"... "most of the time it's a move order".

If the enemy is there... it will shoot.... sometimes it might shoot most of
the time it moves... it will shoot even if nothing there...

This behaviour alone is already super inconsistent, inconsistency is bad.

Now comes the biggest problem:

3. There is no more mouse button assignment for "attack ground" which is
much more important in this game... especially for artillery pieces.


Every second counts in company of heroes... and I would not be surprissed
if that goes in this game too..

Right now the frustation is high... most click a special icon... which is
totally annoying... and the must click somewhere... it probably has to be a
left click... but I am not sure...

It could also be a right click... MAJOR CONFUSION... what do I do after I
"left clicked" the icon ?

There is no logic sense in what click comes next except ... perhaps another
left click ?

So I will try that and see what happens... but... first I want to write

Attack ground commands have to be used... for artillery... and the annoyance
is this command is hidden away somewhere in a menu... yes there is a
shortcut icon somewhere... but this is also confusion... and annoying...
multiple places to do the same command... it's weird... further commands
should be together... not spread across the interface... that's very bad

the menu is so tiny it could be easily expanded/grown in size...

What's further bad it didn't remember the inventory location... now I have
to move that screen every game I start.... further annoyance.

I might be able to assign attack ground to double middle mouse button it
seems to be assignable.

escape key cannot be assigned unfortunately...

Futher problem with left clicking in this game: second time left is clicked
it looses focus of the unit... that is very bad..

In a panic game... people might like to left click multiple times out of
panick... or for example lag issues... lag can also cause a left click to

This is a very bad interface design of men of war...

It's not super bad... but it's not the best...

Consistency is key... design an interface which is constant... which can
have rapid press of the same key... without becoming inconsistent...

Unfortunately... this game is full of inconsistency... I think it may have
been a reason why I avoided it in the past... this game...

But now after seeing the limitations of coh... it's time for something

Perhaps more on the "missing ground attack" option in another posting.


Old April 7th 15, 02:41 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

I did some testing...

Testing units is a good thing...

Just use own units for target practice...

It does clearify some things...

Unfortunately attack ground command is not bindeable to anything.

So this is a short coming that will need getting used to.

Sometimes tanks may also refuse to fire if it can't hit the target for
whatever reason...

Maybe bad angle or something.

Furthermore... no reload indicator except blinking... though switching to
direct control does show a reload icon... again somewhat inconsistent...

Also rocket/calliope tank can be given multiple target will firing in auto
mode... but not in direct mode...

in auto mode it's possible to spread the rockets somewhat ... not sure if
that is an exploit or not...

I don't like how other artirelly pieces can't be cancelled...

Also don't like how bullits how on map... though it's kinda cool I actually
do like that.

But I don't like how the entire piece sometimes shows up... not cool... too
exploitive and perhaps unrealistic... though maybe soldiers can hear it's
proximity somewhat... so I will let that slip for now...

There is no ammunication counter on the tank info... not reload time

There is some info in the inventory though.

I also advice testing out different ammunition types in different targets
hint hint

I still have to do some more testing myself later on


Old April 7th 15, 06:40 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia,comp.games.development.programming.algorithms
Skybuck Flying[_4_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 476
Default Men of War: Assault Squad.

This time I did some extensive testing, tested all allies/american weaponry

It turns out most of the "action" meaning explosions, nading, firing is
"left" click.

Except planting mines that's right click.

Furthermore throwing nades in direct control automatically switches back to
gun.. even if you have multiple nades...

Which again is somewhat inconsistent... I never told it to switch back to
guns... it does so automatically..

Thats again slightly annoying... but if you wanna nade spam... you can do so
by repeatedly... switching weapons with for example right click.

Again unnecessary ammounts of clicking but ok.

Furthermore direct control seems very important in this game... especially
for noobies.

The reason is... only direct control gives an arc/distance estimation... as
long as it's white... it's in range... on snowie maps it;s a bit hard to

Black stuff around font woud have helped but ok.

Yellow is slightly still in range... red is out of range.

There are some more secrets in the game... but that's for you to figure out
lol =DDDD

For now,


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