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Something weird going on with DreamPC from 2006, bad smell comingfrom heatsink on north bridge chip ?

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Old June 13th 21, 11:48 AM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default Something weird going on with DreamPC from 2006, bad smell comingfrom heatsink on north bridge chip ?

New hypothesis:

Short version:

"Flaw in the design of the NFORCE4 northbridge chip"
"It cannot handle DUAL PCI Express traffic and will


I haven't even checked any specifications about that the

**** a north bridge chip does ! HAHA ! But this is my

hypothesis for now people ! =D See below for mooorrreee

detective work ! =D

1. I played submarine test of World of Warships from USB

3.0 PCI Express Controller on DreamPC 2006

while at the same time:

2. Also playing submarine test of world of warships from

GT 1030 PCI Express graphics card.

Perhaps the combination of both led to the burn through of

the north bridge chip.

The north bridge chip now has to handle TWO PCI devices

with super high bandwidth ?!?!?

Perhaps this became to much for the north bridge chip


Perhaps this also explains why the DUAL 7900 GTX Graphics

Card SLI setup burned THROUGH multiple motherboards !

Perhaps now after 15 years the thruth is coming out and

there was a DESIGN flag in the NFORCE4 chipset and the

north bridge simply cannot handle so much PCI Traffic and


Could this be the culprit !

Skybuck detective is on the case ! =D

Bye for now,
Skybuck ! =D

Original Posting:


I am keeping my DreamPC 2006 off for now after I figure out what is wrong with it. (Right now it is producing a very bad smell, like burning oil or plastic and the north bridge chip/heatsink seems to be overheating, it may have developed a short circuit ? it's so hot it hurt my fingers and I yelled: AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW !)

I will write a full story about it later for your enjoyment.

But right now I need hypotheses for the first time in my life to understand what may have happened because this is getting a bit weird.

I believe somehow the north bridge chip is overheating.

Normally the airflow from the PC case is sufficient to cool down the north bridge chip with just it's heatsink. At least so I believed ?!

I will first deposit my hypotheses but I am open to any other hypotheses/suggestions of what might have happened:

1. First I believed it was dust build up but NO.
2. Then I believed it was USB 3.0 PCI Express Controller, wrongly connected ? It had two power cables attached to it ? But this is impossible because the splitter only has one female connector, and two male connectors. One male connector goes to the card and another one goes to a NAT optimized harddisk from Western Digital, the red ones. So I got a scare at first, until I noticed the second one actually goes to the harddisk and not back to the power supply, so as far as I can tell/remember only one power supply cable was connected as it should be, so NO, this cannot be it.

Which leads me to my 3 rd working hypothesis:

3. I copied a 500 GB file to a USB portable a few weeks ago, and recently I installed a test version of World of Warships which by the way also seemd to slow down another computer the laptop after the game stopped, not sure if the game itself is related, but the installation takes a long time, many hours because it inefficiently copies files double and such.

So my third hypothesis is that: THE USB 3.0 PCI Express Controller was STRESSED to the MAX and perhaps the NORTHBRIDGE is reponsible for PCI Express communication ? And this may have fried/short circuited the north bridge chip, slightly ?!?!? It seems to be still working, haven't tested it but so far so good, world of warships works when I connect portable to laptop so I have no reason to believe it stopped working.

4. Anyway, after cleaning any dust, which I already cleaned a few weeks or months before I reconnected everything and I noticed the leds of the PC case fans didn't come on, and then I noticed the FANS were also not spinning.
So now I am not sure if maybe they were not spinning during that installation.
It might be that gravity or some freak power accident knocked them of slightly or got them discounted, when I fiddled with the connectors they would come on/off/on/off/on/off, it could also be that this is an artifact from a shady/damaged/fried motherboard/northbridge chip.

5. Recently there was a power failure in this city but at that time I was a sleep and the PC was off. I also believed I smelled this smell much earlier, days ahead of this failure but dismissed it as "bad car smell".

Why I only noticed this smell today I will explain in a another post later on. Short answer: I smell all kinds of smells in this city, so it's easy to dismiss bad smell as environment smell, also I have ventilators sucking blowing/sucking air from environment in/out so that adds to the confusion. I never expected it to be this old DreamPC because it has been working flawlessly for many many years.

6. I also believed I may have re-attached the usb card incorrectly because I had to remove it from windows 7 installation on usb stick otherwise it believes the card is a vga card and crashes. But now I do no longer believe I misconnected it as described above.


7. Please take note that the tiny little fan was removed from it (the north bridge heatsink) long long ago, and it never seemed to be a problem ? Maybe because I didn't stress test it enough ????

I can't access my DreamPC documents/motherboard manuals right now.

And I am truely baffled and I could use some help with this, to figure out what the hell happened ? Perhaps I already have the correct working hypothesis ?

But what I would like to know from you "experts" or wikipedia or documents or manual is the following:

Q1: Is the north bridge chip used during usage of an USB 3.0 PCI Express Controller ? In other words: Could this make the northbridge chip run really hot ??? Mandating a tiny little high RPM ventilator ?!?!?

If so then continue this posting a warning to other people to not remove the tiny little fan from the north bridge heatsink !

Q2: Why is the north bridge chip suddenly becoming hot during booting ? Even after removing the USB 3.0 PCI Express Controller ? Is it possible that something around or in this north bridge chip "FRIED" and is now a short circuit ? But it keeps functioning ? Is such a thing possible ?!?!?!?

Q3: Do you have any other explanation why this north bridge chip is suddenly overheating ???? No BIOS updates where installed, No windows 7 updates have been installed in years.
(I did change some bios harddisk boot order but it s still booting from same hd as usual, I also ran an usb stick from another usb port that is attached to the motherboard to run windows 7 platform update and geforce now, but this is a minor thing and only did it once and never smelled anything. (Windows 7 was on this usb stick, but this does not use the usb 3.0 pci express controller, but a usb 1.0 or 2.0 port on the motherboard or something like that,in the back of the case. Just being thorough, but this is just dust/sand in your eyes I guess.)
It is summer time now, but I believe I have run this system like this during other summers, though I am not 100% sure, maybe this is the first summer, but I would have to check my documents and/or logs on newsgroup when I removed it if I documented it at all on my drives I probably did but I think I also reported this on a newsgroup.

Anyway... I kinda consider this super strange and toxic and dangerous.

Fortunately I have a backup motherboard and can replace it, I hope I have enough artic silver 7 left to do so !

But first I wait to see if there is any reply/feedback about what might be going on and any confirmations that northbridge chip is indeed involved in PCI Express Contoller activity....

Q4: But if that were true ? Then why doesn't it overheat when my GT 1030 becomes active ? Perhaps I should have re-checked the north bridge chip when I replaced the GT 510 graphics card with a GT 1030 ?
Perhaps it doesn't or didn't overheat because GT 1030 not used much when the little fan was gone... though I think I did play WOWS and especially Predator hunting grounds and especially space hulk, very taxing games, and never noticed any bad smell ? Did I simply miss the smell and consider it bad car traffic ? Kinda weird. I am pretty sure this bad smell is recent though not 100% sure.

Further information: The top PCI Express slot is where the USB 3.0 PCI Express Controller is installed.

The bottom slot is where the PCI Express Graphics card GT 1030 is installed..

This is mandatory as far as I remember, vice versa won't work for some reason.

I hope to have informed you in as fully as possible in this short time, except for while I dismissed this smell and how I finally detected it, which is kinda funny but not that relevant, I already gave you a small explanation why it took multiple days for me to notice it and become alerted by it: I dismissed it as outside bad air basically and believe me there is lots of it overhere... it was sunday today, clean air... that's why I became suspicious ! LOL and my downstair neighbour female is gun so no parfume smell, so now you have a slightly better picture if why I started to notice this !

I learned one thing today:

TO DETECT PROBLEMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately many assholes polluting the air, like burning garbage and ****, I already reported that to the police ! =D

But now there is also construction work outside and god knows what else... weird isn't it ! Gjezus ****ing christ now I am going into more details but didn't want to do that, but I will later to give you my original story cause it's a little bit more funny but I want to share with you this reason so I dont come over as a complete idiot not noticing a burn smell, I think this really needed some explanation ! =D More will come about that later, though you know 99% of it already ok !

Bye for now,
Skybuck !.
PLS HELP, I love my DreamPC from 2006. I need it to survive a little bit longer until 2022 so I can design and build a NEW SUPER DREAM PC !

Yes you heard it here first ! A SUPER DREAM PC DESIGN IS COMING AND I WILL PUBLISH IT TO YOU all over newsgroups/usenet like I did in 2005 and 2006 !

Some people actually copied it and duplicated it ! VERY COOL ! =D

DreamPCs all the rage right now ! However Skybuck will take it to the NEXT LEVEL: SUPERDREAMPC2022 ! =D

If AMD WILL LET ME ! More on this possibility much later when new technologies come out and are for sale ! =D


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