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Dustin Cook aka Gremlin aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Man With A Bullet ToThe Head

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Old January 28th 17, 04:42 AM posted to alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
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Default Dustin Cook aka Gremlin aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Man With A Bullet ToThe Head

This shows that beyond any doubt he is a psychopath.

The only reason he has not killed yet is because he is a coward.

DuckFart farts another DEADLY THREAT:
"Where I'm from John, you'd already be dead. One bullet, right in the
back of your head, execution style. No witnesses. Happens all the time
in NY. You don't run your mouth here or anywhere else and not expect
payback. I wasn't raised to take **** and not give it back. Don't start
no ****, and there wont be no **** is my motto. KM started it, and now
I do intend to finish it. I don't care what harm it causes him IRL. The
more the merrier."

He tries getting a man fired from his job by complaining to his
employer because the guy had the balls to disagree with The MIGHY

When a friend tries defending the man Duck**** is trying to destroy,


Path: g2news1.google.com!postnews.google.com!g43g2000cwa .googlegroups.com!not-for-mail
From: "Gremlin"
Newsgroups: alt.computer.security,alt.privacy.spyware,alt.usen et.kooks,alt.windows-xp,comp.sys.tandy
Subject: So you want to know about KM?
Date: 18 Nov 2005 13:35:07 -0800
Organization: http://groups.google.com
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John Henry wrote:

Go ahead. www.lowgenius.com, address and phone number are at the bottom
of the page. ****heads like you don't scare me even a little bit - hell,
you'd be the second kook in the last month and a half to start trying to
call/e-mail my customers. I've had phone calls at all hours of the day
and night, threats to kill and rape my daughter, even had one guy claim
to have driven past my home. Don't kid yourself - as if you can help it;
you're just one more ****ing whackjob in a long line of ****ing
whackjobs, kid.

Well, first of all, I have no intentions of doing anything to you or
your kid. I think people who would want/suggest/do harm children are as
low as a snitch. For what it's worth.

Second, I really have no true interest in causing KM or yourself any
harm whatsoever. I'm just tired of the bull**** you guys insist on
coming at me with. You call me an idiot, incompetent etc, when I'm not.
Not by a long shot. One can only tolerate so much teasing/annoyance
before he/she gives you a taste of your own medicine.

For example, the "kid" comments; ****, I'm a few years younger then
you, hardly a kid, and I've already accomplished more on the net then
you ever will. Nobody gives a **** about you, but they will never
forget Raid and the software written under that handle.

I'm hardly a whackjob, I offered you and your trolling friends plenty
of evidence about who I am, and what I've done. Instead of checking any
of it out, you circle me like some teenage school kids in a courtyard.
Well, I'm throwing punches now.

You had your chance, all of you did. All you want to do however is
trash newsgroups with your kook bull****. Would you like it if we made
some sort of plugin for hybris to trash your newsgroups with code
posts? You probably would find it tiresome after a few days. That's how
I feel now.

Obviously you have problems coping with your own incompetence. You've
been completely humiliated and you are utterly incapable of making any
meritable recovery...and this kind of crap just proves it.

I'm not incompetent. KM claimed windows didn't support encrypted .zip
files, it does so long as they are really .zips as defined by pkware.
I'm hardly worried if something win**** makes doesn't unzip on my box.
I don't use winzip(win****) anyways, and nobody I know does use that
POS incompatable junk software.

No, it tends to suggest that I think you're a ****head. A ****head is
someone who, when they are legitimately revealed as ignorant,
incompetent, inept, or plagued by chronic halitosis, files a libel suit
instead of brushing their teeth.

Do I care what some unknown basic coding ****ant who scripts now for a
living thinks of me? Not really. You really should have checked out the
posts I made years ago, you could have saved yourself some time.
Nothing you say is going to do anything for you. I never gave end user
lamers like you a second thought when I was writing viruses. I find it
hard to remain civil now with you, all this incompetent bull****. Your
so naive.

And what are you gonna do, **** for brains, when you run up against
someone who really does not give a flying **** what sort of probing
around you do, beyond the fact that it's another reason to mark you as a

That's the problem you don't seem to understand, you stupid ****s
already have. Me. I have nothing to lose, really. I'm terminally ill as
I said, I'm an ex virus writer and well known for it. I have time to
finish some projects, and I've made time to have some fun with a few of
you. I burned Martin Overton years ago, I'm going to send KM right into
the depths of hell before I'm done. This is only the beginning. You
really shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss the posts and urls I
provided. It would have prevented all of this nonsense.

But, in all your wisdom, you decide to play games on the net instead.
Did you really expect nobody to do anything about it? It'll take a bit
of time, as I said, but eventually, their will be hell to pay. This is
just a taste of what's coming. I hope the dish is to your liking.

You impotent whelp. A truly intelligent human being would recognize that
they'd made a fool of themselves by overestimating their own intelligence
and taken steps to get educated. You and your pussy little nonexistent
friends choose instead to attempt - futilely - to interfere in people's
offline lives because you're too weak and pathetic to face your own

Again, you made the mistake of playing wordgames with a bunch of
exvxers/hackers, and now we're incompetent? Your friend KM made a
mistake. Now he's going to pay for it.

Congrats, you POS; you've left no doubt in anyone's mind just exactly
what you are - a festering puddle of dog vomit on the sidewalk of life.

And again, the only people who think this are your kook friends, those
not smart enough to check claims out, anyways. Do you see anybody on
alt.comp.virus even trying to correct my statements? No? Do you know
why, idiot? Because what I told you is the truth. They know it, your
the only idiots who don't. The internet isn't nearly as big as you
think it is. Instead you pretend that nobody on alt.comp.virus knows
anything, that somehow everyone in alt.comp.virus and various security
forums is stupid. That's hardly the case, and you will learn it.
Apparently, you need to learn it the hard way. Fine by me.

What's even more pathetic is that you think you've done something that is
a) profound and meaningful and b) a reason to pat yourself on the back.

I have. I've already tagged his employer. It's just a matter of time
before I find more **** on him. And the only reason I'm even doing this
is because you keep inviting it. I stop responding to your posts, other
people make posts, and you ignorant ****heads think it's me. I've
*never* forged my headers from this account, not once. And you have the
balls to accuse me of being a fake poster? KM made a bad mistake, and
he's going to be sorry.

If everyone in life played by your rules, you'd have ended up stuffed
into a trashbag and tossed into a swamp years ago, you snivelling ****.

Where I'm from John, you'd already be dead. One bullet, right in the
back of your head, execution style. No witnesses. Happens all the time
in NY. You don't run your mouth here or anywhere else and not expect
payback. I wasn't raised to take **** and not give it back. Don't start
no ****, and there wont be no **** is my motto. KM started it, and now
I do intend to finish it. I don't care what harm it causes him IRL. The
more the merrier.

Burn baby Burn!


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