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John Lewis
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On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 23:22:11 -0600, "edde"

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check your bios and make sure its set to SLI auto or single card.

Even then if it was set to SLI it should show up as 8x as SLI splits the
16 lanes into two for SLI to operate.

I think his PC is ****ed.

I have the exact same mobo (a8n-sli) and 6600gt PCI-e videocard and get the
same message:
PCI-Ex2 port#3 in use @x4"

I would say it's Everest that is ****ed.

Who cares ?
No observable performance difference between 4x and 8x in SLI
with current CPU and GPU hardware. Enjoy actually using your system,
not benchmarking to death.............

John Lewis