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Default Mobo Recommendation?

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
I want to replace the Mobo/CPU on a DriveBender box that has been giving
me fits.

My 24-7 PC has a Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H-CF in it.

I am perfectly happy with that board and would buy a second one except
they do not seem tb available.

My only requirements:
- Full-sized ATX
- At least 5 SATA headers
- At least 1 PCI Ex16 slot
- Accept Intel i7 CPU.

i7 is probably wretched excess for the application at hand, but my
rationale is that, if the 24-7 PC goes belly-up, I will have a capable
backup machine.

I see something called Z97X-UD5H that sounds like it might be the
successor to my UD4H... and it certainly has the SATA headers...

Can somebody offer a recommendation?

I have had good luck with Gbyte.
This machine has a GA-X58A-UD3R. Got it 5 years ago and have had zero problems with it so
far. It is 30% overclocked and runs hot. It also has an IDE socket that comes in handy
for old HDD's.
My son has a GA-X79-UD5. 3 yrs old, water-cooled. He has not had any problems with it.