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Default Continuous buzz on a GA-Z77-U3H

On Sun, 15 Mar 2015 12:27:31 +0100, "Leachim Sredna"

Hi group,

I've been running a self-built system based on a GA-Z77-U3H which is 2-3
years old. A few months back it developed an irritatingly loud continuous
buzzing sound - which may or may not be a beep code, and which I am unable
to eliminate save by unplugging the case speaker.

I have changed the power supply, changed the CPU fan and other fans, changed
the case speaker, and I am starting to run out of possible causes to check
and eliminate.

I've now taken the m/b out of its (also new) case and am running it
entirely stripped down, with just the power supply and a case speaker
connected to it, and when I boot it up it begins buzzing again as usual.

The board is useable in this condition if I unplug the case speaker, but I
like to get to the root of this problem and eliminate it because of the
indication -- to my mind -- that something somewhere has gone wrong.

I have also recently succesfully reinstalled Win7, putting it on a large
conventional hard disk in place of the rather crappy old and small SSD I was
using as a system disk. The buzzing is unchanged.

I have throughout been using Intel Smart Response with a min-iSSD on the
board as a cache (in default enhanced mode) which requires a RAID setting
rather than AHCI or IDE iand the enabling of Intel Smart Response in the

Grateful any ideas or insight.

Do you have the latest BIOS version? If not it may be worth updating