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solution found. downloaded a patch to fix this problem from the games

"wheelie" wrote in message
my sons and I have a total of 4 computers, 2 XP Based systems using ATI
Radeon video cards and 2 win98 SE GeForce based systems. The ATI systems
run AFL Live 2004 perfectly, the 2 Geforce Based systems both give an
"Invalid Page Fault in Module kernel32.dll" as soon as we try asnd run the

the first system is a Duron 1.3 with a GeForce 4 MX-440 128mb video card,
256mb ddrram, win98SE and directx 9.0b using 45.23 drivers although I've
tried 3 other sets as well.

the second system is a celeron 400 with a GeForce 2 Pro 64mb video card,
128mb sdram, win98 SE and directX 9.0b using 40.72 drivers although I have
tried others.

Any suggestions as to why neither GeForce based system will run this game.

any workarounds?