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The FX5600 isn't fast enough to run any games that require 256 MB of memory.
Save your $30 and get the VTDR128.

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"Jethro[AGHL]" wrote in message
Looking at either a MSI FX5600-VTDR128 (CAN$237) or MSI FX5600-TDR256
(CAN $267).
The only differences I see are that the VTDR has VIVO capabilities with
the fancy remote control which don't excite me as I have another PC for
playing movies on the TV.
Any other pro\cons between either card? I was leaning towards the
5600-TDR256 to get more RAM on the card.
Running an AMD 2400+ and using it for games like HL2 which is out soon.

Any thoughts?
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