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"[D.A][email protected]#Bourne" wrote:

if u are even considering play HL2 then forget either 5600 series or the
9600 series. just get a 9800 non pro or a 9700 pro if u can find a cheap
deal. i have always found its easier to overclock atis than nvidias. u might
have a different opinion. also the 9800 non pro is easily overclockable to
the pro speeds if u up the agp voltage a lil bit on the bios . better yet is
flashing it with a 9800 pro bios which makes it even better. it sets the
speeds to a stock 9800 pro card and then o/c is even more tempting. but for
the new directx 9 games coming out stick to the highest series as the middle
and lower ones will perish without much ado.

Here's the list of cards available from the 'best price' retailer
closest to me.

ATI cards available are over $500 taxes in so that's way out of range.
The 9800 Pro Retail is lowest at $499 (plus 15% tax)
9700 Pro 128Mb is $527 and 9800 Pro Retail 128Mb is $577

"Jethro[AGHL]" wrote in message
Looking at either a MSI FX5600-VTDR128 (CAN$237) or MSI FX5600-TDR256
(CAN $267).
The only differences I see are that the VTDR has VIVO capabilities with
the fancy remote control which don't excite me as I have another PC for
playing movies on the TV.
Any other pro\cons between either card? I was leaning towards the
5600-TDR256 to get more RAM on the card.
Running an AMD 2400+ and using it for games like HL2 which is out soon.

Any thoughts?
Jethro[AGHL] aka Phat_Pinger
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Reply Email: jeff (at) tibben (dot) ca

Jethro[AGHL] aka Phat_Pinger
Phat Clan:
Reply Email: jeff (at) tibben (dot) ca