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Looking at either a MSI FX5600-VTDR128 (CAN$237) or MSI FX5600-TDR256
(CAN $267).
The only differences I see are that the VTDR has VIVO capabilities with
the fancy remote control which don't excite me as I have another PC for
playing movies on the TV.
Any other pro\cons between either card? I was leaning towards the
5600-TDR256 to get more RAM on the card.
Running an AMD 2400+ and using it for games like HL2 which is out soon.

Having 256MB ram only helps if you use very high resolutions;
1600x1200 or higher, while gaming. 128MB and 256MB are identical in most
games I've seen running at 1024x768.

There are some reviews on that detail the differences
between 128 and 256.


Got GigaNews?

Any thoughts?
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