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J. Clarke
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Larry Roberts wrote:

I'm looking to get either an ATI 9600XT, or Nvidia 5700 Ultra.
Looking at Newegg, it shows that some of the 9600XT cards as being
OpenGL 2.0 supported, while the 5700 Ultra only supports OpenGL 1.5.
OpenGL 2.0 was just released on the 7th of Sept. I am wanting to know
if Newegg's description is accurate?

Might be, but if so, it's a marketing strategy by ATI to try to show that
their boards are "better" than nvidia's for OpenGL, which they are not.
Even their workstation boards, that are optimized for it, don't work all
that well.

Note that I'm not an nvidia fan, most of my video boards are ATI, but one
buys hardware to suit one's purpose, and if one's purpose is to run OpenGL,
then ATI is not the best choice.

Be nice if ATI finally got their act together in that regard, but unless the
Catalyst 4.9 drivers represent a radical improvement in their OpenGL
support, they haven't yet, and given that the only OpenGL app I try to use
hung the machine on open with them, I don't think that they have with the
4.9s either.

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