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BigGeorge wrote:
I own one of the above cards AND I also own (really!!!) a LARGE number
of Commercial VCR tapes that I would like to CONVERT over to DVDs (now
that I/we can 'burn' such 'animals') SIMPLY to SAVE STORAGE space.

I've managed to do this with (to my tastes) completely satisfactory
results with non-macrovision protected tapes (capture to disk in MPG
format, re-author with TMPGENC DVD Author, 'DVD-Shrink' if necessary
and burn with NERO) BUT so far I have NOT been able to manage this
with Macrovision protected media.

So, bottom line: anyone know of a work-around that REALLY WORKS???

I can think (conceptually) of three possible approaches:

1. A mod/hack to ATI's software - SOME version of MMC that works with
this card. I'm currently using 'MMC 9.0' BUT I have on hand all
previous versions that I could install/work with/use as a basis for a
'hack' to get my MPG 'RIPs recorded on disk.

2. Some sort of hardware macrovision defeater that WORKS. (I spent
$50.00 on one that does exectly NOTHING!!!).

3. Perhaps some completely alternative software that will WORK with
this card, replacing the ATI MMC software, that WOULD allow me to do
the captures.

Can anyone help with some advice/suggestions???


If you could pick up a gadget, say for $30 at Ratshack, and you could
play the tape through one machine, record it to tape on another machine
with the signal going through this gadget, would that be the kind of
help you need?
An RF Modulator *could* squelch the macrovision 'key' signal enough that
the recording device would filter the remnant?
In order for me to play both 4 hd VCR and DVD player to my television
without component inputs (antenna only), I had to use one. I found it
also made a difference in going from DVD to tape. So the thing should
work going from tape to your AIW?