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Default Mac OS 8 CD + Windows Emulator hardware package FS-offers.

FORSALE: Macintosh software & hardware emulator,
allows you to run Mac software on a Windows computer.

This package was purchased from Emulators Inc back in 2000, and is
designed to allow you to run Macintosh operating system 8 on a
computer which runs Windows 95/98. I used it for a while, but I
had a lot of difficulty with my system, and so I removed the stuff.
The ROM board fits into the ISA slot, and then you install the Windows
SoftMac 2000 program from the CD. After that, then you create your
partition and install the Mac 8 system from the Macintosh CD.
The instruction manuals containing full documentation are included.
The original purchase price was around $300, however, since I have
decided to quite using the program, I am accepting bids.
Please email with your offer. I accept check or money order.
Dale Wein, TeleDale Key Service
1811 Saratoga Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44109.

TeleDale Key Service,
1811 Saratoga Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44109 U.S.A.