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The power supply is a 300W "Power Man" model # FSP300-60BT.

there was a jumper to "Discharge the CMOS". It worked
fine after I did that. I reentered my desired BIOS settings,
and now all is well.

Well, except for the power button, which is now hanging
outside the case on its wire because the plastic part
that held it in place is broken.

If the plastic part is on the computer case, it's probably made of ABS
and should be glued with a solvent like lacquer thinner or carburetor
spray and left alone for 24 hours before reinstalling the button. If
the broken piece can't be found, reinforce the remaining part with a
sleeve of metal tubing (hobby shops sell brass, or use an old
telescoping antenna) and insert a rod of ABS or styrene (also hobby
shops), but drill before inserting the screw.

The power button for an ATX supply shorts the 2 wires to the
motherboard only momentarily, and if left shorted will cause the
computer to shut down after a few seconds. Any normally open,
momentary button can replace it, even the reset button.

The next time you have a power supply that won't turn on, test it by
unplugging everything from it and then shorting its green wire on the
20-pin connector to any black wire (2 next to it). As long as this
wire is shorted, the supply should run.

Power Man is a very good brand since it's from Fortron-Source, as
indicated by the model number starting with FSP (Fortron-Source
Power). It probably doesn't contain a surge protector consisting of
MOVs across the AC lines, but it does have a good L-C
(inductor-capacitor) filter lines that will block surges about as well
(and lower voltages ones even better).