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Yes. Try another PSU that you know is working. And it's possible you fried
your motherboard with the surge.


"Greg Lovern" wrote in message
We had a power outage today, and my computer hasn't powered up since.
I didn't have a power surge protector for it (yes, my bad).

I searched this ng's archives, and it sounds like the power supply may
be shot, and that the easiest way to test (since I don't have a
multi-meter) would be to pick up a new power supply, and if it doesn't
fix the problem, just return the power supply.

Before I do that, though, I just wanted to run through what I know in
case anyone here has any other suggestions.

First, I checked to make sure the outlet was good. It is.

I reseated the wires from the power button to the motherboard.

The power supply fan wasn't running, so I wondered if there was a fuse
in the power supply to check. There was (I was careful not to touch
anything metal inside the power supply). I pulled it out, dusted it
off, and had a good look at it. It looks fine to me. I put it back and
reassembled the power supply.

I checked the motherboard manual to make sure the power button wires
were in the right spot. They were.

Another problem that I think was probably coincidental (but I'm not
really sure) is that when I initially tried to power the computer back
on after the power outage, the power button broke inside (plastic
parts). The part that broke seemed to be only there to hold the button
in place, and I was still able to operate the button after pulling the
front cover off of the computer. I tried putting a jumper over the two
motherboard prongs to which the power button wires led, in case there
was anything wrong with those wires, the power button, etc.. I'm not
sure if that really tests what I hoped it tested, but in any case it
didn't help.

The motherboard is an Abit KT7. The power supply is a 300W "Power Man"
model # FSP300-60BT.

Any thoughts?

Is the fact that the power supply fan isn't running a good indication
that the power supply is probably the problem?