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Is adopted for the next generation arcade game platform of NVIDIA and ??? ?
? ? which you are proud the numbers of the highest peak arcade game which
In being developed on NVIDIA System N2 Arcade Platform

NVIDIA which leads/reads the world with the image processing solution
(??????) the corporation (the head office: The American California state
Santa Clara, president and CEO: ????? fan (Jen - Hsun Huang), Nasdaq: NVDA)
It announced that this day, the next generation arcade game platform of ???
which is the major developer of the arcade game, becomes something which
designates the System N2 Arcade Platform solution of NVIDIA as the base.
This platform is formed from the GeForce graphic card and the nForce2 based
motherboard of NVIDIA which is proud of the numerous prize winning history.

Presently, regarding the platform of the arcade game, procurement being
easy, improved pliability and open characteristic the tendency which adopts
"PC architecture" is increasing with the standard operating system as a
base, but being something which also the latest epoch-making development
forms one end of such trend it does. By the fact that it moves to the PC
based NVIDIA System N2 solution from the former each company individual
arcade platform, big, the merit at the same time discernibly is brought for
both parties of the interest person and the arcade game community with
respect to business. The development job which the developer of the arcade
game does opening by adopting the platform, becomes much quick than the so
far simple. Furthermore, the game development team of ???, can utilize
?????? quality and the program possible graphics which GPU of NVIDIA has.
For the arcade the effect and the ultimate game experience of movie quality
actualize with the platform available due to the fact that the solution
joins many in this.

As for NVIDIA System N2 which ??? adopts, it is the schedule which is formed
from the component below.
Nforce2 based motherboard
GeForce graphic card
Linux operating system
OpenGL graphic API

With the title which uses the System N2 platform of ???, those of the
schedule which first is announced presently are in the midst of developing,
"Counter Strike NEO" is. ??? LanCafe LEDZONE which is flagship store of the
same company (Tokyo) with is the schedule which announces Counter Strike
NEO. In the System N2 platform even in addition the attractive game is in
the midst of many developing, these release after 2005 are the schedule
which is done.

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Nice post, now If only I could read Chinese, Japanese or what ever

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Namco announces NVIDIA System N2 Arcade Platform