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"Rabbann" wrote in message
I have recently upgraded my video card from a Leadtek GF3Ti200 to a
Prolink FX5900XT. Apart from speed issues, I believed the old card
was faulty because if I ran 3dmark2001 in demo mode with drivers
published after 45.23 it would cause a lockup. The demo would lock up
on the intro screen and hang the machine.
I had to resort to using the 45.23 drivers to keep everything running.
Strangely using any later drivers, I could benchmark , just not run
the demo.
Unfortunately this also caused lockup in games such a warhammer Dawn
of war.

Anyhow I uninstalled the drivers via control panel and I installed the
new FX5900XT card. Loaded the latest 61.77, and it CRASHED again on
the 3dmark demo and warhammer. I then tried about every other driver
and had to resort back to 45.23 to get 100% stability, even the
prolink factory drivers didn't work.

The mobo is a Aopen AK73a(v) KT133 chipset. XP1900+ CPU and running
512 meg of PC150 ram. nothing overclocked. XP SP2, also tried VIA 4 in
1 drivers with no success.

I tried the cards in a celeron based machine and they worked
flawlessly with 61.77. I tried the cards in an identical AK73
motherboard and they locked up with 61.77. For all intents, my
motherobard runs perfectly apart from this driver issue.

Has anyone got a clue as to what the problem is with this combination
of driver / motherboard combo. It is really becoming a frustration.

Try downloading a VIA driver [4in1] for your VIA chipset series MoBo -
Select Windows XP Chipset or Platfrom driver [find your chipset KT1##]
[click on the 4 in 1 Driver] to download
Or go directly to the link -