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I am a little lost on using AA and the Anisotropic settings with my
games. I have BFG6800Ultra and a pretty fast rig for playing games.
Under my display properties I had been using the selection
"application controlled".
What are "ideal" settings for games like FarCry, Doom3, etc (I know
each game is different and it varies by system)
I just need help understanding what AA setting I should use 2x, 4x,
etc. in conjunction with Aniso. 1,2,4,6,8,12x...
Should I set everything to max and hope for the best (trial & error)?


Adjust to your own personal tastes. I recommend doing a few google
searches finding out exactly what Anisotropic filtering, and AntiAliasing
is and try different settings out in games and decide on settings you like,
those settings may actually be 12xAniso and 8xAA, or you may think the
opposite and prefer sheer framerates over quality. The higher settings you
chose the larger the performance hit maybe... though with that graphics
card its not going to be a as larger hinderance as it would be with other

For instance; I feel happy to use MS flight sim at 4xAA and 2xAniso, I dont
feel as if higher quality settings add more to the game and the extra frame
rates (the card is an XFX built 6800GT) are welcome. But everyones
personal tastes are different; my brother refuses to use anything but the
highest qualities.

happy playing