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Did you ever flash the bios?


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Got a stange one here, i have an Albatron Ti4200 Pro Turbo 128mb ram that

a couple of years old but a few weeks ago it has started to think it is a
Quadro 700 XGL. I have reinistalled the OS onto a new HDD, attempted new
and old drivers but Windows XP inisists on seeing it as a Quadro. I
installed RivaTuner to make it look likea Ti4200 which it does when you
install the driver but the Properties tab still shows it as a Quadro.

I know the card still has 6 months of its warranty left but i cannot get
intouch with them, ive tried email and ringing the Germany tel number to

avail..... the place i bought it from no longer deals with them and the
number for the milton keynes branch is out of order.

Any other ideas what could be causing this problem??

Many thanks