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Default Help... Hibernate problem

Dear all,
ok,after start my Window XP, if i never play any Game (MidNightClub2, Halo,
...) , the system is not problem when i Hibernate and resuming to windows,
but if i play any game , after i hibernate , my system hangs up while
resuming from STR with "blank black" screen ( after read the "hiberfil.sys"
file, before the "Welcome screen").

i try many version of Nvidia VGA driver also no help(44.03, 45.35,
52.16...).. but there is no problem before...

i laso try to set the ram setting in bios to "By SPD" .. but also no
Please help...

my sytem is :
WinXP pro Eng
AMD 2400+ 133*15
Abit KR7A-Raid Bios CX(HPT 372 raid controler bios 2.34 , Driver 2.34)
768 mbDDR333( 512+256)
Maxtor 80G 7200rpm 2mb at raid ide 1 (Master) ata133
Maxtor 40G 5400rpm at raid ide 2 (Master) ata 100
Lite-On 24x CDRW -IDE 1 Master
Asus 52x CDrom- IDE 2 Master
Lite-on 16x DVD-IDE 2 Slave
Leadtek FX5900 VIVO 128mb with 52.16 driver
Via 3in1 4.43
Audigy2 at PCI-2 (SB0240) with latest driver 440
Pixel View TV Card- PCI-4
Antec True power 480w PSU
Philips 107P monitor.
Aztech 56k internal Modem at PCI-6 Driver