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"Soulcatcher" wrote in message
Here's my system:

amd 2000+
512 mem
xp pro
asus a7n8x - deluxe mobo
pny geforce 4200 128meg 8x agp

All new drivers and bios installed
directx 9.0b

Here's the problem.
I installed the latest video drivers and then upgraded the new
directx, and now all my games pause for a couple seconds at

No error messages are displayed.

The system works great otherwise.

I have tried everything. Reinstalled drivers, reinstalled

winxp, put
back directx 9.0a (which worked before), installed old drivers

worked. Nothing works.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


I had problems with the gart drivers included in the recent 3.13
nforce driver release. Installed newer version as found in this
thread and my problems disapeared.

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