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"Soulcatcher" wrote in message
Here's my system:

amd 2000+
512 mem
xp pro
asus a7n8x - deluxe mobo
pny geforce 4200 128meg 8x agp

All new drivers and bios installed
directx 9.0b

Here's the problem.
I installed the latest video drivers and then upgraded the new
directx, and now all my games pause for a couple seconds at random.
No error messages are displayed.

The system works great otherwise.

I have tried everything. Reinstalled drivers, reinstalled winxp, put
back directx 9.0a (which worked before), installed old drivers that
worked. Nothing works.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


The latest drivers are more suited for the FX line of cards. You would be
better off with 45.23 or such. Remove the 52.xx and all should be well. At
least better. ;-)
Good Luck!