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Default Overvolt question...

Hi there, I'm a lurker and i got a question for ya all.

I buyed a:

Barton 2500+ (Locked)
Asus A7N8X-X 1006 Bios
One stick 512 MB RAM DDR PC3200 Elixir
Aero7 Fan
Radeon 9800pro

I'm Trying to overclock my Cpu. And, now, I'm at 191Mhz (Fsb) stable with
vcore at 1.675. It's going ok with games like Need For Speed Underground and
with encoding using Nero Burning Rom. (A few times, with some DivX, it
closed itself without no error. I think this is a codec problem...)
I tried to run Prime95... It gives me an error at first test. So I adjusted
Vcore to 1.750, gradually, and now it goes ok without problems. After a few
Test (about 100) , my temperature is 47 with open case, low speed fan, and
a cold weather. So, now, I need some tips... Do I have to leave my Vcore at
1.675 with an apparent stable system, or i have to pump up the vcore up to
1.750? There is some risk with this Vcore at that temperature? Can i damage
my Cpu? :-/

Again, i'm trying to take FSB up to 200Mhz but it needs at least 1.775 for
the Vcore and it crashes after a few seconds of every Cpu-based application
(Encoders, Games...) with a blank blue screen. I think it could be the Ram.
Some hint, here? (without changing ram...)

Last question: how many can I overvolt before damaging my CPU permanentely?