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You might also try upgrading to the latest ASUS nVIDIA chipset drivers for
the A8N-SLI Deluxe. I believe 6.65 is the latest version for both 32-bit
and 64-bit OSs. I recently installed "" and my
system (A8N-SLI Deluxe, FX-55, 2x XFX 6800U/SLI) improved significantly.
NOTE: This file unzips to a RAR file, so to install the drivers you'll need
WinRAR or some such.

I haven't checked the archives, so much of the following may already have
been mentioned...

One thing I found to be helpful in upgrading nVIDIA drivers in my dual 6800U
system is that it's necessary to uninstall the drivers from BOTH cards using
"Device Manager", then reboot. (I'm not certain that's absolutely
necessary, only that I did it and it worked.) You will then have to run the
Forceware setup program TWICE-once for each card-to install it on both
cards. It installs the drivers automatically on the correct cards on each
run. (I don't remember whether I had to reboot between them or not. If in
doubt, reboot.) When you've installed the FIRST card's drivers, you'll get
a message that life is better with two cards to enjoy all the benefits of
SLI mode. After you've successfully installed the SECOND card's drivers, a
little yellow callout will appear at the right end of the taskbar at the
bottom of the screen telling you that your machine is now SLI-capable.
Click on the CALLOUT (DO NOT click on the "X" in the callout). This brings
up a window that allows you to enable SLI mode.

If everything has worked this far and you want to be able to enable SLI
Antialiasing, go back to the nVIDIA site and search on "Coolbits" or "SLI
Antialiasing" if it's not obvious how to get there. Enabling SLI
Antialiasing involves some minor registry editing, so once you're in
"regedit", back up your registry before you change anything. (The nVIDIA
instructions don't mention backing it up first.) I have "Antialiasing" set
to "8x SLI Antialiasing" and "Anisotropic Filtering" set to 8x right now,
and everything seems to be working well. I haven't played any games with
the new drivers and settings so I don't know how this will work with them.

You can ignore SLI Antialiasing once you've enabled the capability, but
having it is nice. I haven't benchmarked it or seen benchmark results, but
I believe SLI Antialiasing is faster than individual card antialiasing in
SLI mode.


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'morning men... i've got a problem with two 6800U in sli mode... if i
select split frame rendering than using a game (eg.: vietcong2 multiplayer
demo) the game is ok but menu are wrong... the top part of the screen is
ok but the bottom refresh isn't fine.... if i select alternate frame
rendering than it seems it's all right... if i select sli antialias the
game is really slow.... my pc config is: (amd64 3500+, asus a8n-sli
deluxe,1gb dualchannel kingston hyperx cl2, 2x wd raptor 74gb
10000rpm...dx9.0c, i tried forceware 78.01 and 78.03) any hints?