Thread: 5700 or 5900?
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Landis M. Lucas Sr. wrote:
Which one of these cards is the better of the two, the geforce fx 5900(not
the ultra) or geforce fx 5700. I've notice that the 5700 has the ddr2 memory
and that it not too long ago was released but back to my original question
which one is the better card? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.


The 5900 is a much faster card. However the 5700 is a very good thing!.
The 5700 is the first really good FX core to come out. If it weren't
for the better bin yields from IBM and the DDR2 RAM it would be quite
ordinary and likely not vastly outperform the 5600U. (But it does quite

Not before long I suspect we'll see 5950's and 5900 revisions that use
the same IBM fab cores and DDR2 RAM. It's just been a matter of
production so far.