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Default P4PE-Cold Boot issues?? Any answers.

Hi to all,

In the spring time I bought a new Asus P4PE which is equipped with:

Bios V1002
512MG (single dimm) Crucial PC2700
Antec 550W Truepower PS
Intel Boxed P4 2.4GH @ 533mHz
DVDRW-Sony510 or (swapped) PLextor 709A
Windows XP PRO with all patches updates.
MS optical mouse

For various reasons, the PC has hardly been used...perhaps on being
powered on for a total of 25 hours. It did always work perfectly.

In the last two weeks I had the following problems:

Occasionaly, on a Cold Boot (system was previously powered down by XP
for one or more days (but PS was still on (Green led on mobo ON) when
I started the system, the CPU fan DID spinup and stay up, but:

- no video
- no led activitiy on the HD case Led
-no led activity on the keyboard lLeds
- no beeps from POST (like bad video or similar)

In this situation, even powering off the system (by holding the case
Power button for 10 seconds) still did not permit the PC to boot if
the system was powered up again.

Even removing, waiting 1 minutes and then restoring AC power will

However, after a powerup (that fails as described), pressed the HW
RESET on the case ALWAYS does get the system running again. But, may
cause the system to "pop into" the Bios Setup menu.

I've also noticed that on a normal startup, the PC speaker (on MB)
"chirps"...This is a sign that the boot will go well.

I've read LOTS of comments from users with similar issues , but
haven'tr seen any thing that helps...not even bios updates.

To me, it appears to be a "power up ?reset/power good" issues...maybe
the PS (swapped here but no help), or the Power-Up-circuitry on the MB
is not designed well.

Does anyone have input or further details, ideas etc.