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On 11 Jan 2004 10:29:16 -0800, (Bun Mui) wrote:

Nero 6 Burn Rom - Help file, cd-rw disks, cd audio/data combination disk

Where is the help file for it?

I downloaded it from website. But If I press F1 or try to find help in
the program it is nowhere to be found.

I am using Nero 6 with Windows XP Home Edition. I found that Windows XP
works very slowly after I installed the program. Is there anything I
could disable on startup which would make the computer startup faster?

Also after I installed InCd on my Windows XP the computer is very slow
almost to the point of freezing the screen. Is there any cure for this?
Will any Windows 98 computer system be able to read formatted InCd with
data on it?

Is there any other packet writing software which I can install which is
stable with all operating systems, since I have several burners on

computers with different operating systems. If so, which one you
reccomend? I have tried abCD and DirectCD. Any better ones you can
recommend which can read and write using all different kinds of Windows

Also I use cd-rw disks and I would like to know which method of writing
prolongs the disk life expectancy? Formatting it and use it like a
floppy or writing on it like a data Cd (This is mastering, right?)

Also does finalizing the cd-rw each time reduce the life expectance of
the cd-rw disk?

On what occasion should one finalize a disk and when one should not?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?

Also in Nero 6 there is a program in which you can write in combination
audio cd and data cd on the same cd.
How does this work? Should this type of disk be finalized?
Can this type of disk be played on regular cd player as well as on the

computer? If played on the computer how does it distingush as to what
to do either read data or play audio cda ?
So this type of disk can serve as 2 purposes play music and read data
files all on the same cd , right? And you can use CD-rw disk to do this too
and it will work, right?

Thanks in advance.

Bun Mui

How many times do you have to post the same message. I for one would
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