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Yes, I certainly failed to do my homework.

These were for two systems I'm building out of old (and new!) parts for

I thought dual display capabiltiy would be a nice selling point. If I could
get them to post I'd probably just go with it, but as it is, they won't even
work in the targeted systems, so back they go.

I hope it's safe to assume that the ti4200's will be better performers. It's
that or Radeon 9000's

Thanks for the swift replies!


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All I can say is, wow, what a disappointment!

It would not boot in either a KR7A-Raid nor a KG7-Raid so I put it into

of my nforce2 boxes.

It fired up straight away. I installed the latest drivers and ran some Q3
benchmarks at 1024x768 at high quality.

It delivered about 70 fps. (!) This with a 2500 Barton Athlon clocked at

I have on old original 32mb Hercules Geforce DDR. It pushes 83 fps at the
same settings. To my recollection, this means my geforce2 mx 32mb should
outperform the fx5200 as well.

These are going back to be replaced with a ti4200 if I can find one.