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Default NVIDEA Quick Tweak Icon won't go away permanently -GeForce2 Go

Dell posted a new version of the GeForce2 Go drivers the other day,
and notified me. I installed them, and both problems disappeared.
Therefore, the screen blackout is not a Windows problem but a video
driver problem.
As for the Quick Tweak icon, it no longe appears on startup. As I
mentioned, I unchecked the box everywhere it could be found includding
in the Display Properties. It always was checked again when I
re-booted. Also a known problems according to the Dell web page.

On Wed, 21 May 2003 16:19:40 GMT, "Thomas Andrén"

skrev i meddelandet
I am running WinXP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 8100 with a GeForce2 Go
adapter- 32 MB- Bios version 3.11.0113. I don't use the laptop for
games. The driver version was recently upgraded to . Since
then, after logging on, there is a LONG screen blackout (video mode
change?) after the desktop first starts to paint. It then returns to a
normal video mode perhaps 10 seconds later and and finishes painting
the dektop.

But even more annoying, a thing called the NVIDEA Quick Tweak Icon
keeps appearing in the taskbar on startup. I found the nView Desktop
Manager in Control Panel and continually uncheck the box "Show Desktop
Quick Tweak Icon", and it unloads, but shows up again after rebooting.

Some insight/help with these problems please.
---Dave Krasnow

Someone said that screen blackout is caused by some of the latest files from
Windows Update, i have the same problem on my laptop, it goes blank 2-3 sec
not a big problem for me but.. Maybe never graphic drivers fixes that
problem but i havent tried that yet. If you have the latest driver from Dell
and it doesent fix your problem, try never modified Detonator drivers

Disable Quick Tweak Icon: (I do not have a EN OS, but you should find it
anyway) Open screen properties and click on "Settings", "Advanced",
"Geforce4 xxxx", "Other options", "Desktop tools" and uncheck "Show Quick
Tweak Icon in systray", or something similar.

/Thomas A/

---Dave Krasnow