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Default BFG 5600 256 ddr memory

I have been a computer building/repairing hobbiest for over 10 years,
although I am new to 3D/open GL graphics and high end computer gaming. But,
I've been hooked for about 2 years, and have gone in that time frame from a
G-force 2/200 to a G-force 4 MX/440 to a G-force 4-4200ti, how ever, I just
bought a BFG 5600 with 256 meg of ddr. I replaced my G4/4200ti 128 mb 8x
because I was having problems with drivers working with the card
specifically, no matter what driver except the packaged CD version I kept
getting crap playing Battlefield and Desert Combat, So I figured it was a
direct X problem and replaced the card. I thought that was a good deal, a
256 meg 5600 card for under $200. Well, it fixed my problem, I think the
card works great, and runs BF & DC at 1152 x 864 at great frame rates.
My questions, are.... 1) is this a good card? Or should I take it back
or sell it, and get a 5900?
and... if I should keep it 2) Can this card be over clocked close to the
speeds of a 5900? and be reliable?
The one thing I love about it is, it has a life time warranty too.... not
very common with alot of cards.
I would highly recommend this card to anyone, I've had no problems... just
curious if this one is "good enough" or if I'm missing out on even
more/better quality.

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