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Gordon Scott
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Shelley wrote:

I'm having trouble configuring my ATI All in Wonder card w/ my digital
cable box. I got the card to work with the cable straight from the
wall, but I didn't get all of the channels. I'm using the trial of
SnapStream (since the ATI software will only allow 125 channels). I
even looked through old newsgroup postings to see if I could find the
right config. Here's what I have:

ATI video card:
Standard Cable input
S-Video Input

Motorola Digital Cable Box:
Standard Cable input & output
Composite output

I've tried the following:
1) Standard cable input to cable box. Standard cable output to video
card. No dice.
2) standard cable input to cable box. Composite output to video card
adapter, S-video to video card. No dice again.

Pardon me for being a newbie, but the cable from the wall is supposed
to go to the cable in on the cable box, correct? Then the line out
should go to the video card? I don't know if I'm missing something
here, the diagrams looked pretty simple before I started messing with


myself, I split the cable from the wall, 1 to the digi box the other to
the AIW, then use the svideo/composite line out from the digi to the AIW
for digital channels.