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Default PCI geforce2/3 with CX25871 tv-out?

The subject tells most of the story. Does anyone know of an nvidia
*PCI* card with the Conexant CX2587x series tv-encoder chip? My search
for this card has been more difficult than I expected since nobody
seems to advertise what TV chip they use in the specifications. I
assume the card will be a geforce2 or 3 because PCI was more popular
back then and I understand the geforce4 MX and geforceFX 5200 cards
all have nvidia's own built-in tv chip Also I haven't seen any
geforce Ti PCI cards which are more likely to have the conexant chip.
They're all AGP. I don't need much performance for my application
(mini-itx car computer), but the card HAS to be PCI and have a CX25871
chip. This is the only chip according to that has
support for wide screen signaling (WSS) to automatically put the
display in 16:9 mode.

Can anyone suggest a card that would meet my needs??