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Default Weird Video Distortion while plaing Dark Ages of Camelot game

Hi all.

In the past few weeks, my system has been getting progressively worse
at displaying very strange graphic distortion while playing the DAoC

I have an athalon xp 1600+ computer, with a geForce4 Ti4200 8X by

I have upgraded my drivers to several different versions of nVidia,
with seemingly no effect. Currently I've landed on 44.03 nVidia

I have also reinstalled directx 9.0a

The distortions are difficult to describe, but i'll try. What will
happen is that color will stretch from its correct location out into a
point. Sometimes the color extends all the way to the sky, or across
the horizon, or sometime it just comes out a few inches from where it
should be.

They are non-transparent, and sometimes disappear when i turn my point
of view to the right or left, but come back when I get to the same
angle i was at before.

I have also seen it where color that is supposed to be on the ground
extends down into infinity, and there is no color on that spot of the
ground, like standing on glass.

I've also seen missing polygons in dialog boxes in the game. All
seems to be well when outside of the game. Is my video card screwed,
or is this some type of driver error?

Anyone have an idea on that one?