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Default NVidia TV-Out?

I've had two NVidia cards so far, a TNT2 Ultra (Booktree tv-out chip) and a
Geforce 4 Ti (Philips tv-out chip). Both of these cards had terrible tv-
out quality. It was so bad that in each case I kept using the tv-out on my
Pure3D which had a Chrontel chip.

When I get my next card, I'm expecting to be able to remove the Pure3D card
and still have good tv-out quality along with features like "overscan". I
hear that the integrated tv-out on ATI cards is pretty good and suspect
that having an integrated on chip encoder will allow NVidia to actually
provide overscan. How is the quality of the integrated tv encoders on
NVidia cards?

Also, is the integrated encoder still used if the card is VIVO? With GF4
Ti cards, VIVO meant a Philips chip (no overscan support to date and poor
image quality) was used, otherwise it was a Booktree/Conexant chip
(overscan supprot and I hear the quality is pretty good).