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Default Compaq Proliant 2500 Upgrade.

I just picked up a PL2500 PPRO machine with 1 processor, 256MB of memory and
5 X 4.3GB hard drives from Goodwill for $6.06 last week. I went online and
found an upgrade kit for it to bring it up to daul 333MHZ PII with 3GB of
memory for $52.50 from Memory4Less.

Question: The processor kits that I bought (from Trademoon for $16.50 each)
came with 2 ROM chips each. All four chips are a different part number. No
documentation was provided (the boxes were new and still sealed). Does
anyone know where the ROMs go. The Upgrade also comes with 2 ROMS, but the
documentation for the upgrade tells you where these chips go.