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In article , Tim says...
I'm using a Leadtek GeForce 6600GT (AGP) with Leadtek-branded drivers
(v67.23). For the most part games run OK, however the racing game, Midnight
Club 2, suffers from occasional choppiness. Normally the frame rate is very
fluid, but sometimes it gets very choppy, even thought the same race may
have run smoothly in a previous instance. I'm hesitent to upgrade the
drivers since I don't want to lose compatibility with the rest of my games.
Does this sound like a symptom of older drivers or should I look for the
problem elsewhere? I already scanned for viruses and spyware but found
nothing. TIA

See if the HDD led is flashing when the choppiness occurs. If it is,
it's due to the system paging out to the swapfile. Sometimes a heavily
fragmented HDD can produce this.


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