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I just had a GF4 Ti4400 which had very good 2d compared to the older GForce
However, I recently upgraded to a MSI FX5900 and the 2d and video quality is
amazing. Quite a bit better than the Ti4400. Everything is much crisper,
even at higher resolutions. Probably due to the new 400mhz Ramdac. Playback
of videos like avi's and mpg's is amazing. Blows away my Ti4400 because
Nvidia put in a new video processor, much like Ati's.
I never had an ATI, but I can't imagine it being much better than the new FX

As far as 2d performance, I did some benchmarking and the FX5900 is about
twice as fast as my TI4400.
This is great news if you do alot of Photoshop work, etc.

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Hi all,

Interested to know which set of cards now have the better image (and

quality, nV or ATi?
Came across a guy who says his Quadro looks better on screen than a 9800P.
Can this be true?

Views much appreciated!