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Default Upgrading to a S-ATA disk with Asus P4PE - Help?

I'm buying a new harddisk AND upgrading to XP like this:

1) New disk is partitioned into 2 partitions
2) Both are formatted with Win98se format /s
3) Old Win98se is copied to both partitions
4) 2nd partition will then be upgraded to WinXP
(I'll make the Win98se bootsect.dos with debug
to be able to boot Win98se from the 1st part.)

Straight forward if my new drive is a P-ATA drive too.

BUT, what if I buy a S-ATA drive for my new drive?

- Do I need to install any Promise S-ATA drivers to be able
to see this disk (I can install them on the old Win98se
installation on my old disk while that is still boot disk)

- Will all partition tools see both the old P-ATA disk and
the new S-ATA disk (can't use Win98se FDISK as that can't
create two primary partitions - and I need to do that :-)

- What when I upgrade from Win98se til XP after copying to
the new disk? How will the XP upgrade react? Will it see
the S-ATA disk at all? Can I install the Promise S-ATA
driver AFTER upgrading XP (will XP be able to use the S-ATA
disk without the driver at all), or how do I do this? :-)

I'm not going to use the RAID support on the Promise S-ATA
controller, only one of the S-ATA connectors for my new disk.

BTW: How do I select if my P4PE should boot from the P-ATA
controller (as today) or from the S-ATA controller?

In order for XP to see the SATA drive you will need to download the drivers for
the controler (should be able to get it from Asus's download page for your
Mobo). Once their downloaded put them on to a floppy. When your installing XP
you'll be prompted to hit F6 to install drivers for the drive, do that then
point it to the floppy.

As for the rest, I'm not enterily sure 98 can see the SATA drive (tho I could
be completly wrong, someone please correct me if I am). Incidently why are you
bothering with 98 anyway?

Also from what I understand you shold be able to do a clean install of XP on
the second partion without actualy having to install 98 first. I belive you
just need the 98 disk to verify that your upgrading. (again, if I'm wrong
someone correct me)

As for selecting which controler to boot from, its in your bios. Hit del when
booting and you should be able to select the boot order of your disks and PATA
vs SATA. Just make sure you've enabled your SATA controlers before trying to
select them to boot off of.

Good luck