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Earl F. Parrish
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"DunbarPPL" wrote in
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I need to find directions on reformatting my Armada 7800 laptop...
bought it on Ebay, and they stated that they had the restore disks
but they did not... they did send me the drivers.. i just am
unfamiliar on how to reformat it without the restore CD's...
thanks for your help! I have a conference to go to for work this
and i really need to get this thing running right.


A format will give you a blank hard drive. I do not see how that
will help you at your conference. I am reluctant to give those
instructions to someone who does not understand the consequences of
her action. You need to have an operating system to put on the
laptop as well as installation disks for the applications you want
to install. You did not say what operating system is currently on
the laptop nor what operating system you intend to replace it with.

Give more details and a reason why you want to format a working
computer when you do not have a way to get it working again.

Earl F. Parrish