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Default A possible solution to the halting problem.

After watching this video the conclusion may be the following:

1. Contradictions are a problem in math.

2. These contradictions seemed to be caused by "self-references".

A possible solution to these problems are to:

3. Detect self-references.

4. Illiminate the self-references or break/solve the self-references.

So for example if the H machine is capable of reducing H+ such that H can detect itself inside H+ then this means:

1. Self reference detected.
2. Possibly contradiction detected.

Now H can try and work out a solution to this problem/contradiction.

3. Basically this could allow H to detect H+ enters an infiniteloop, because H has detected itself inside H+, H knows the real answer to the halting question.

So the output of H+ is no longer relevant ! And can be dismissed as a joke/trojan/thruth manipulator.

H detected the real thruth by detecting itself ! HAHA.

So if H can detect halt or infinity then it will no longer be tricked by any machine H+ incorporating itself H.

So this reduces the halting problem/question to:

Can H detect itself given any program/version of itself !

A reduction problem it seems.

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