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Default Corona Update 9, January 30, 2021, Immediately stop corona tests, DNAinformation falls into Chinese hands

Corona Update 9, January 30, 2021, Immediately stop corona tests, DNA information falls into Chinese hands

1. Corona tests, test streets have always been a stupid idea, people can get infected there.

2. Now Corona tests prove to be dangerous for national security. The DNA taken during these Corona tests can fall into the hands of the Chinese. Thus, the Chinese can now or in the future create even stronger and more powerful biological weapons and possibly test them on powerful computers in the future that simulate the DNA via software.

3. The effectiveness of corona measures must be assessed by the number of sick patients who report to hospitals. Possibly taking a corona test there and then destroying the DNA taken from people, although I have little confidence that that will actually happen.


4. It is possible that the corona virus has been a "scout" virus of the Chinese. The Chinese say "come here, we will test if you have corona, and in between they will steal your DNA". This Chinese company behind this is called BGI group.

5. The Chinese can analyze all this obtained DNA for diseases / weaknesses in the DNA and then take over medical companies and then start selling expensive medicines to these sick people.

Don't be stupid, just don't participate again, never give away information during a war or crisis situation, anything you say or give away will be used against you.