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Ric H
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MT wrote:
Good point Barry. My main reason was simply because of the extra
145GB space (compared to the WD Raptor) and the fact that it was
cheaper. But, you make a good point. I think I'll take your advice
and get the 10k rpm 36GB Raptor drive for my system and main software
drive. This should surely be enough space for WinXP, Office and music
and movie video editing software and then I still have 240GB more
space for data on the RAID 0 SATA drives.

Thanks for your help...


"BarryNL" wrote in message
MT wrote:
Any particular reason why you want to use your slower disk as the
system disk and the faster RAID 0 as storage only? Normally you want
the fastest disk configuration as your system drive. Personally, I'd
use either the RAID or get one of the WD Raptors as the system disk
in a system costing this much.

the raptor's rule: apparent speed similar to 2x7200rpm drives in raid 0.
they're available in 76GB now, but 36GB is *plenty* for an OS drive.

ric h