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MT wrote:
I'm nearly at the stage of finalising my parts for a new system, but need
some recommendations on the following storage devices or another model I
haven't thought about

Firstly a DVD burner (-/+ RW drives): Narrowed down to the Liteon 811S (8x),

I love liteon for cdrws

the LG 4061B

You mean the 4081B? Either way, I've had a look at LG's websites and
they're support there doesn't seem very good. Not sure about now, but
even after these drives were being sold in retail shops they STILL
didn't have them listed as even existing on their web sites (both in
Australia and USA). There were some other bits of oddness at the LG
websites, too.

or the Pioneer 107 (8x).

The LG website dodginess, and my very nice Pioneer multiregion stand
alone DVD player, I went with the Pioneer 107. I'm not disappointed at
all. One of the best computer component purchases I've made. The Pioneer
site is great, and they've got a loyal customer base because of the high
quality of their drives.

Which one?

Secondly are two 120GB 7200 8MB SATA drives for use in a RAID 0 array and
one IDE 120GB ATA133 8MB drive used as the main boot drive. I can't decide
for the SATA drives between the Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital . For the
IDE drive I was thinking between the Hitachi and the Maxtor. Any

While I need advice on the above decision mainly I'm happy to hear any
opinions or suggestions on the rest of my system as follows:

Asus P4C800 E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.2C 800
Sparkle SP8835-PT Graphics Card
2 sticks of 512MB 3500 Kingmax RAM (or 3200 Kingston)
120GB HDD (undecided model)
2 x 120GB SATA HDD - RAID 0 (undecided model)
Antec 1080AMG case
Pioneer 16x slot DVD
STAudio DSP24 Value soundcard (from my old system)

Thanks for any advice...


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