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Default DVD RW & HDD Storage devices undecided...recommendations??

I'm nearly at the stage of finalising my parts for a new system, but need
some recommendations on the following storage devices or another model I
haven't thought about

Firstly a DVD burner (-/+ RW drives): Narrowed down to the Liteon 811S (8x),
the LG 4061B or the Pioneer 107 (8x). Which one?

Secondly are two 120GB 7200 8MB SATA drives for use in a RAID 0 array and
one IDE 120GB ATA133 8MB drive used as the main boot drive. I can't decide
for the SATA drives between the Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital . For the
IDE drive I was thinking between the Hitachi and the Maxtor. Any

While I need advice on the above decision mainly I'm happy to hear any
opinions or suggestions on the rest of my system as follows:

Asus P4C800 E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.2C 800
Sparkle SP8835-PT Graphics Card
2 sticks of 512MB 3500 Kingmax RAM (or 3200 Kingston)
120GB HDD (undecided model)
2 x 120GB SATA HDD - RAID 0 (undecided model)
Antec 1080AMG case
Pioneer 16x slot DVD
STAudio DSP24 Value soundcard (from my old system)

Thanks for any advice...