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Default Unable To Get Boot Menu

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
Per (PeteCresswell):
I'm guessing I have to do something in the new BIOS screen to get F12 to
bring up a Boot Menu... but what?

Got it... or, at least, a workaround.

New BIOS menu lists every storage device known to the system in it's
Boot Sequence menu.

It was just a matter of setting the USB drive/stick to be the first
choice before the DVD drives and then the System Drive.

I am guessing that:

- I goofed by somehow allowing that new BIOS utility to be added

- Giga goofed by leaving the PF12 for Boot Menu in the splash
screen when no such option is available. (??)

My money is on #1... I think #2 is a stretch...but still...

If you're using Windows 8, a "shutdown" actually keeps
things in "hibernate" state. And in "hibernate" state,
the popup boot menu is disabled, and the system restores
from hibernation instead.

You need to do a "complete shutdown" from Windows 8,
in order for the motherboard BIOS boot to behave
in the legacy (expected) way.

I do this on some of my systems. In a Command Prompt
window, elevated with "Run As Administrator" I do

powercfg -h off

and then do a reboot. If you do that, you should
be able to use F12 or whatever it says to use.

That will also disable S4 hibernation. Later,
you can do

powercfg -h on

to return to normal. And then you can run off
and research "how to do a complete shutdown of
Windows 8 or 10".